Vikings confirms final season

Vikings will end with its sixth season in 2020, culminating in total of 89 episodes.

The Canadian-Irish production will again split its season in 2 x 10 episodes, due to begin later this year.

But creator Michael Hirst is in talks about a franchise continuation with studio MGM Television.

The historical drama, which debuted in 2013 with Aussie Travis Fimmel, is the History Channel’s best performing scripted series of all time.

Season 5 is currently screening in Australia on SBS.

Source: Variety


  1. This show has to come to an end historically speaking. We aren’t too far off from the Norman invasions and that is pretty much the end of the Viking age. But I did hope the show would get to the last Viking attempt to invade Britain. Anyway it will still be good to wrap the stories of Ragnar’s sons.

  2. It is getting a little stale now-a spin off of the whole Greenland/Vinland story would be interesting in that they could be very speculative with what happened as so little is actually known of the events-here’s to Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky!

  3. It really should have ended with Ragnar’s death. Ragnar was such a unique character. The inherent humour that was in earlier seasons is lost. Even Floki is super serious now.

    • I agree, Travis Fimmel’s character Ragnor Lodbrok was my primary reason for watching this historical drama, and his first contact with the tribes of Britain was well dramatised with all the expected brutality, betrayal and culture clash. I would imagine that the budget has certainly grown bigger since then which could be why creator Michael Hirst would like to continue producing his lucrative project.

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