Bumped: NCIS, Hughesy We Have a Problem.

I guess we do have a problem….

10 is making more changes to its schedule, under pressure from Nine’s juggernaut series.

Effective immediately NCIS is headed back to its traditional home of 8:30pm Tuesdays, while Hughesy We Have a Problem takes its place on Sundays to follow Sunday Night Takeaway.

Sunday February 24
9pm Hughesy We Have a Problem

Tuesday February 26
8:30pm NCIS “She”
A malnourished and confused girl is found hiding in a storage unit – the team suspects that she is the daughter of a Navy recruit who disappeared 10 years ago.

Despite high praise for Dancing with the Stars 10 is finding it tough against Nine’s MAFS without their own stripped show.

But too many shows are now moving slots which will frustrate the viewers who are sticking with them.

While early evening has been problematic, there are now several shows being repeated across the schedule, making it harder to keep track of premiere episodes.

DWTS was well-produced so fingers crossed it can build, with newcomer Sunday Night Takeaway to add to the mix this weekend.


  1. Their staggering of a new episode of This Is Us over Madam Secretary tonight so they can fit in another repeat of Two And A Half Men is unlikely to make CBS drama fans happy.

  2. That is a truly ridiculous number of repeats. Even if research shows that more repeats attract more viewers to future new episode screenings the quantity of repetition must have a negative impact on perception/interest in the station’s product overall. If they take the same path with Sunday Night Takeaway (and show it anywhere other than the named day in the title) they will be shooting themselves in the feet badly.

    It also betrays the lack of content together with the endless Norton, Hughes repeats and very notable that their drama flagships don’t get the same treatment – no repeats of Neighbours on the main channel for example.

  3. Umm. Don’t get why they moved it to begin with. They should have kept NCIS on Tuesdays. It was very popular until they moved it.
    Same with SVU. Loyal fan base always watched on Thursdays.

  4. Theyve been airing Graham Norton all over the place but as an Encore after DWTS is silly. Hughesy should be filling the slot left by HYBPA on Mondays.

  5. NCIS fans, this episode called She is the one where Ziva is um…mentioned… and ‘any evidence’ found was left for Bishop to deal with. It rated an extra 1.16 million more to their weekly ratings in the States.

  6. Any chance any of 7/9/10 can say they’re going to put in a show in a timeslot and leave it there? Getting to the stage where it is necessary to check the epg daily in case you miss something that has been rescheduled.

  7. DWTS Mon. night, Tues afternoon, Tues night, Fri night, Sun afternoon…and as if 5 runs aren’t enough there’s still time for 10 to schedule another “TBA” or two.

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