Renewed: I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Exclusive: 10 vows "We will be doing it all again next year, bigger and better ….”

EXCLUSIVE: 10 has confirmed a renewal for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here after revamping its summer offering in the face of Sport heavyweights.

The ITV Studios Australia show launched with over a million viewers with a likeable 2019 cast in a shortened season and two hosts with chemistry that just gets better every season.

While numbers have dipped against reality juggernauts Married at First SightMy Kitchen Rules, the revamp is part of a wider strategy for summer Entertainment and to promote new survey offerings Dancing with the Stars, Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway and Changing Rooms.

A 10 spokesperson told TV Tonight, “This is a show that has shown growth in ratings, had two episodes over one million people and is performing very well in our under 50’s demographic. This creative, hardworking, fun loving and professional reality team along with Chris and Julia and a very engaging cast have brought us a really unique series of I’m A Celebrity.

“Those who know anything about TV understand how hard it is to produce a show like Celebrity and how well it is performing. It launched against 2 massive sporting weeks and outperformed the cricket on every clash and competed strongly with the Tennis, beating it 5 out of 9 nights! Since the reality big guns have started it has lost some overnight viewers as we expected but continues doing well in demo and exceptionally well on our digital services.

“We said last year we planned to redefine Summer viewing in order to better service our audiences and I’m a Celebrity was the first phase of that strategy and we consider it a success.

“We will be doing it all again next year, bigger and better ….”

The finale will air Sunday February 17 at 7:30pm.

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  1. I’m glad they are supporting this crazy, ridiculous, vile, weird, disgusting, funny, heart-warming, eye opening, picturesque, and exciting program. This environment often brings out true reality as contestants let their guard down and tell their true life stories. That, is the brilliant ‘reality’ part.
    Why is Mafs popular when the concept is so unnatural and proven not to work, with only one couple still together after all the years of filming. The best bit of a relationship is the ‘chase’ to win each others hearts. Leaving that important fun bit out, is why they fail. Not at all a ‘reality’ concept.

  2. This season has been pretty good but im already getting bored with alot of the trials, I’m totally over the eating trials (hough the kinder surprise one was different & quite amusing) Plus as I’ve said before the look of the show being pretty much the same as previous years with nothing new.
    Hate to say, I reckon 10 will just be lazy again next year and do the same trials, outfits, set, cut scenes etc. I hope they do actually make that extra effort & they would be rewarded with better ratings.

  3. Hopefully by saying bigger and better, they mean it won’t be a shortened and rushed season like it is this year?

    Bonuses if they can give us some live streaming somewhat like they did with the first series, and/or a bonus show like they did with the show Joel creasey hosted with Heather mAltman in series 2.

    1. A perfect vehicle for Angie and Yvie maybe, I realise carrying a show is different to participating, but the network would be crazy not to do something with them. A quirky voiceover like Sam Mac did would work…..and call it I’m a Celeb Up Late. 9-11pm with quizzes and audience participation via fbook/twitter to keep the buzz going during the night.
      Look out for Angie coming up in Neighbours.

  4. I think it’s great news. I love the early renewal ( very CBS?) I don’t do MAFS or MKR. So 10 will have me for DWTS and Changing Rooms. I’m looking forward to pilot week as well.
    I think OzTAM needs to be overhauled though and take into account live streaming . I hope next year they get great people like they did this year. Great cast this year… even Justin…. I wish 10 would find a way to air the uk series even on peach or bold

  5. Good on 10 and am enjoying the show still. However to be fair, it’s biggest problem is in David’s article:

    “Since the reality big guns have started it has lost some overnight viewers as we expected”

    That’s just it!? Does being crushed last night by 750k and 300k warrant a renewal? Or are 10 just going to look at the first two weeks against cricket/tennis? It seems disingenuous. If it is uncompetitive (clear as day against Married and MKR) than they need a new show and move I’m A Celebrity to fully in summer, start New years day or something.

    Maybe this’ll happen if Dancing gets massive ratings and they can expand Dancing from night after the tennis final?

  6. I thought the article published by news today suggesting it was unlikely to return next year was harsh. Not surprised it is returning as it has done all Ten asked it to do so far anyway (the final proof will be how well their new upcoming shows do) although the sliding ratings would be a concern. Have often thought Celebrity would be better as a once or twice a week show as it would mean viewers may fatigue of the show less quickly but obviously that is logistically and financially impossible without removing the live element which is crucial to the show.

      1. News Corp have been critical of 10 ever since they lost out to CBS in taking ownership of the network. Looks like maybe those first few weeks against sport have saved it, as I thought this season was going to be make or break

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