Tony Jones confirms he will leave ABC

Tony Jones has confirmed will depart ABC before the end of the year.

Jones will head to Asia with his wife Sarah Ferguson, to accompany her in her new role as the ABC’s China bureau chief.

“I love doing Q&A,” Jones tells The Australian. “But going to China is an ­opportunity that is too good to miss.”

He will cut down his Q&A hosting to between 30 and 35 shows this year.

Jones is also negotiating a few short stints on Q&A for 2020 and ­beyond, which could mean up to 15 shows for him next year.


  1. A few q and A’s from China! He doesn’t even travel to other state outside of the regular Melbourne and occasional Brisbane. Imagine if he went to Darwin, Perth or Hobart!
    Maybe the Australian broadcaster could move the show to a different state outside of Sydney, where almost every other show comes from.

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