Bumped: Sunday Night Takeaway moving to 7pm

Sunday Night Takeaway is moving the show to 7pm as of next weekend but the network insists it is because of the Australian Grand Prix and not low ratings.

Co-host Julia Morris has tweeted that the show will begin at a new time following dire ratings last night of just 259,000 viewers nationally.

The show debuted to 383,000 viewers two weeks ago before dropping to 290,000 last week and lower still last night.

Some observers have called on 10 to move the show to Saturday nights, but it will now begin at 7pm which at least avoids Nine and Seven enjoying a 30 minute head-start.

The Sunday Project moves to 6pm following the Australian Grand Prix (last night The Project was 10’s top ranking show at just 278,000 viewers). Hughesy We Have a Problem shifts to 8:30pm and NCIS replays from 9:30pm.

A Network 10 spokesperson said, “The show is not going anywhere. We’re continuing to provide a family-friendly, entertainment viewing alternative for Sunday nights.

“The show continues to get better every week.”

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  1. Just when it looked like Australian so-called ‘reality tv’ had hit rock bottom with such televisual crap as ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!, Gogglebox, MAFS, along comes this pile of rubbish to take it down another notch. At least ‘Pointless’ tested the brain as opposed to this mindless drivel. The ‘reality tv’ space is in a parlous state, but I’m not hopeful that anything of potential quality is out there to raise the bar higher than a gnat’s scrotum.

  2. FTA TV is just so last century. Too many ads also. Sunday night, I made a choice of catch up, stuff I’d recorded, or netflix. No ads, or zip through ads and watch stuff I actually want to watch. Why would I choose to invest in this show for how many minutes duration? Pffftt…

  3. Last year, 10 started Masterchef at 7pm on Sundays to match 7 & 9. However, the ratings actually softened and they moved it back to its established 7.30 slot. However, for new shows like this, there is no doubt they should have matched 7 & 9 with a 7pm start to give it the best chance of finding an audience!! At least the 1000th repeat of Bondi Rescue is now out. However I fear it’s too late for Takeaway. 10 are finding themselves in a world of pain without a stripped multi-night format to give consistency. This problem reminds me of 9 a few years back before MAFS when they tried multiple shows during this time of the year – Got Talent & Farmer Wants a Wife. No consistency, and shows keep being moved around. With an apparent lack of other options, I think next year they will start Celebrity early again & keep its original mid-March end date from 2018 – at least that’s consistent…

  4. As I’ve said before, why not move it to Saturday night (like the UK), away from the competition.
    With bugger all else on the other channels, it may stand a chance & build an audience.
    We’re heading into winter so a Saturday night variety show might appeal.

    • Australia doesn’t have the Saturday TV culture. It ended decades ago. Hey Hey was the last successful Saturday show.

      They should have rebooted Hey Hey without Chris and Julia. SNT has no brand recognition. Who makes these decisions…jeez

  5. I’m really enjoying SNT although I am a fan of the Ant n Dec show. I do think they could’ve gotten better look a likes for Little Chris & Julia but that is a minor gripe. I hope 10 stick with it.
    I’m always amazed that a lot of people on this site say TV should be looking at scheduling something different, then when they do they get rubbished again.
    Damned if u do and damned if u don’t.

      • That just doesn’t make sense, if they changed the hosts they would run the risk of losing the audience they already have. I suspect that you and others who dislike the hosts wouldn’t watch the show regardless.

        • Lol at just a quarter of a mil on a Sunday night prime time live show, I would take the chance. I agree tho, to leave the show running for the next few weeks (I hear it’s only a 6 episode run), and then bring it back later in the year with new hosts. Each series could be a set of new hosts which would bring a new dynamic each series. Just an idea.

          I switch over during MKR ads to watch, and have noticed that the powers that be have clearly told Julia to settle down from that insane first show.

  6. f1 race usually finishes about 6:10PM meaning the start of the project will need to be delayed almost to it regular start time, or f1 race will continue on 10boss meaning 10’s main channel will lose f1 viewers who might have stayed around to watch the project and Sunday takeaway.

  7. Mr game show fan

    I normally watch Channel 9 news on my phone on 6pm Sunday Nights.
    Before this change occured, what show was on at 6pm on Channel 10? Was it a Sunday Pointless episode?

  8. Frankly it’s a dud show. I lasted 5 minutes last night before I turned over to something else. And you all can complain all you want about MAFS, but that thing rates well, consistently, and because of that, Channel 9 aren’t going to change the formula in a hurry.
    I can’t see Channel 10’s ratings recovering until they get their tried and true Masterchef and Bachelor formats back on air.

  9. Maev....Sydney

    Suits me better ..for 8.30PM + ABC shows….I had to turn off before it finished to watch Vera…
    I missed the 2nd one….but enjoyed last Sunday.

  10. I just checked out the Big Brother house on Nearmap and the place is very run down, the main pool is brown, the grass is pretty much dead, the huge forest of gum trees surrounding the compound are all gone. It would take at least a year to get the house running for TV production when you take into account design, partial demolition, then rebuild. Could be possible for January 2020 if they act now.

    • Yep, I love the show as well…I do hope that more people realise that it is so much more fun than MKR or MAFS and actually is a great show.

      Over time, Sunday Night Takeaway just is going to get better and better and I hope it won’t be long until the show starts to become more than a copy of Ant & Dec’s show and instead a true, fun Australian variety show.

  11. So 6-6.30 of the F1 goes to where exactly? Or are they going to go straight into The Project when the race finishes like last year (I think)?

  12. I’ve watched every week and am enjoying, but can’t see the change in timeslot making much difference unfortunately. Viewers are just too hooked on reality rubbish.

  13. I would expect a modest increase next week (though I would not expect it to exceed the premiere’s already poor ratings), but the harsh reality is that Brown and Morris aren’t the much-loved duo that 10 wants to believe they are, and they have done a poor job of communicating what the show is supposed to be. With all due respect, Brown was fine as the likeable TV veterinarian, but as a television personality, he is quite dull and much of what he says sounds like it is being read from an autocue. Morris constantly feigning a rambunctious façade isn’t exactly helping either.

    The *only* solution to 10’s woes that I can think of now is Big Brother, which would do absolute wonders in an age of social media, and it would also help fill in the many, many TBAs in their schedule. And it’s also a CBS property. *hint hint*

    • Big Brother in Australia was perfectly timed to the opening of Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. It had room to build a house and sets, and had an auditorium nearby for live evictions. Even the Nine reboot could be housed in the same space with a bit of a reno.

      From all reports it’d be an expensive proposition to resurrect the BB set since vandals and weather got to it, and Love Island seems to be the ‘new’ Big Brother.

    • Though I disagree with what you say about Brown and Morris. I 110% agree with the Big Brother part, don’t know where they could fit it in but if they had room for it, it is a complete no-brainer to bring it back.

    • Agree – The Brown/Morris pairing was shocking on ‘I’m A Celebrity …’ and is even worse, if that’s possible, on this dross. If Brown has any talent at all (doubtful) its being able to be totally ‘plastic’ and one-dimensional at the same time. As for Morris – where does one start? Her only offering to the show appears to be playing the over-the-top loud-mouthed bogan. Its a shame really as I’ve seen her live in another context and she’s a clever comedian. Those who devise and script these mindless televisual concoctions are really to blame. I just can’t fathom why such shows get large followings; its certainly not because they’re quality productions.

  14. That’s good news.

    There’s no way they can change the night at this late stage.

    Having watched all episodes to date, I am a bit confused in that SNT is touted as a live show, but it is mostly prerecorded segments shown “live”, much like the Daryl Somers Show (which didn’t last long).

    The concept is great, I just think they could have adapted more Ant & Dec elements to our local tastes, and/or developed unique things.

    The show would better suit Hamish & Andy, but even they would insist on a level of originality.

    • Pretty sure it is live to air. Examples can be seen where they’ve shown a couch somewhere in the public in Australia and the viewers have to go find it whilst it is on air. There was the other segment when they crossed to a movie theater screening too and the people chosen in there had to get home within a certain time.

      • Oh and other example is when they have the home viewers and they’re getting told whilst they watch the show on live TV that they’ve won a prize.

  15. Garbage show with garbage hosts on a garbage premise……not surprised.
    Ten needs to stop flogging these “brilliant” shows…they ain’t
    I can’t see how their CBS masters can be happy with the crap 10 is rolling out of late

    • @mikecraig I’m enjoying 10’s “Brilliant” shows. I’ve watched more of 10 this year than previous years.

      I’m watching SNT, DwTS, Hughsey and Ambulance. I also watched IACGMOOH earlier. Watching Master Chef this year as I know someone whose on it. I do like the way 10 is going. I think they should’ve launched these new shows just before MAFS and MKR.

      I really hope 10 launches 10thismorning and does it well. That would lead into Studio 10. CBS really does their news well.

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