Sunday Night Takeaway: Mar 10

Guests: Ron Moss, Steve Price & Pseudo Echo.

The Bold & The Beautiful‘s Ronn Moss is this week’s Guest Announcer on Sunday Night Takeaway.

Also this week, a heavily disguised Chris and Julia go undercover to prank The Project panellist, Steve Price.

80s pop legends Pseudo Echo also turn up for a FunkyTown karaoke session

7:30pm Sunday on 10.

4 Responses

  1. How long can it last? How long has MAFS got to run? Can SNT last that long and then hope to get more eyeballs. Will it change days given it’s title? Many questions to answer surrounding this show. It is fresh and different for Australian TV. Great that 10 are investing in a big production. There are tweaks that need to happen. I just hope it does not get the axe in coming weeks. If Hamish and Andy were hosting it like was rumoured a few years ago, It would be doing better. Well done 10 for having a go.

  2. I’m loving Sunday Night Takeaway, it’s a great break from all of those rather annoying reality shows and actually does ‘Make you Happy!!’.

    I do hope that more #MAFS viewers see there is more to life than 2 people bickering together. Also, the prizes on Takeaway have been amazing! The pranks/in ear pranks are also wonderful and get you belly laughing as well.

  3. Surprised they have committed to a third episode given the very low ratings numbers. However that does mean they will beat the two episodes that went to air of Let Loose Live (still the best live comedy show this country has even seen) and will equal the three episodes of Ben Elton’s Live From Planet Earth (a near equal contender in the funniness stakes.) Perhaps they are holding out for four episodes to overwhelm those might contenders – no, not joking, I loved them both. The loss of Let Loose Live really remains the great tragedy of Australian television.

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