Sunday Night Takeaway: Mar 17

Osher Günsberg gets pranked and Justin Lacko is the next guest announcer. 

Osher Günsberg is the latest celeb to be pranked on Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway.

Justin Lacko from Love Island and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! is the next guest announcer.

The show airs at the earlier time of 7pm this Sunday.

With the help of Osher’s wife, Audrey, Chris and Julia go to extreme lengths to convince Osher that he’s smuggled contraband back to Australia from Fiji. With dire consequences to his most treasured possessions at stake, Chris and Julia take a little too much pleasure in watching Osher squirm.

Beau Ryan is back on the street, tempting everyday punters to play In For A Dollar, where they get the chance to win $1000 in cold hard cash.

And the happiest, most feel good minute of the week returns, when some more deserving Aussies claim their place on the plane in The Happiest Minute.

7pm Sunday on 10.

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