Returning: The Amazing Race

Season 31 of The Amazing Race begins next week on 7flix, screening 5 days after the US.

The series was originally due to air in the US in late May but after the failure of Million Dollar Mile was brought forward by CBS.

This season is a Reality showdown, comprised of eleven teams, three of whom previously competed on Big Brother, three from Survivor, and five of whom previously competed on The Amazing Race.

The race gets underway in Hermosa Beach, California and heads to Tokyo, Japan in the first episode.

7:30pm Tuesday April 23 on 7flix.


  1. It is getting really hard to chase this show around the schedule. What was wrong with leaving it at 7.30pm? Does it really rate better at 11pm, and do they really think Birds Make You LOL is a better option? Baffling.

  2. The Amazing Race is a great show. I wish they would take contestants to more obscure or different locations and countries more often. The world is a big place and more destinations are becoming accessible.

    I would also like for there to be consideration for The Mole to be produced again in Australia. The Mole concept is still produced in many European countries, such as Finland, Poland, Belgium and Netherlands. I have watched Wie is de Mol? in recent times, the Dutch version of The Mole on BVN, the international Dutch language satellite channel.

  3. I’ve been a fan of The Amazing Race since it started but honestly I think it’s burning out. I do like the former Suvivor and TAR contestants (always a joy to see Rupert and my rock-climbing kin Becca Droz) so I’ll watch and cheer them on. It’s been an incredible run and the production that goes into it is astonishing but I think it’s time to land on the finish mat once and for all. Hopefully this season will change my mind.

    • Ok, watched the first episode last night. Have to retract some of my criticism coz it was actually a really good start with a solid cast of people to either love (pretty much all the Survivors and Amazing Racers) or loathe (the bitching privileged white chicks; everyone from Big Brother).

  4. Excellent news. Thanks for always keeping fans informed
    Without you I’d be so in the dark and lost in the copious tv channels and searching the TV guides. Thank you

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