Van Der Valk set for detective series remake

Classic Dutch detective series from the 1970s is getting a new lease of life.

Classic Brit detective series Van Der Valk is getting a remake.

The original series starred Barry Foster as a Dutch detective which ran for 3 seasons from 1972- 77 before two further series in 1991 and ’92. The Thames Television series also spawned a chart-topping theme song.

Marc Warren (pictured, Safe, Mad Dogs) will star as a street smart and unapologetic Dutch detective in Amsterdam, solving mysterious crimes with human observation and inspired detection.

The show will be filmed in Amsterdam, with Chris Murray (Midsomer Murders) penning the script.

All3Media International boss Louise Pedersen said, “Van der Valk is a fantastic example of our proactive scripted development and investment strategy. We are confident that there is global demand for top quality procedural detective stories and, as the queen of detective shows, Michele Buck and her team at Company Pictures are brilliantly placed to deliver us a fantastic new series in this genre.”

Source: Deadline

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    1. I loved it so much I actually bought the album that had the theme on it. Performed by the Simon Park Orchestra, it has a distinction of being featured on the BBC’s Top of the Pops.

  1. The ABC used it in program breaks during the 1970s. It was usually on during the day, as I remember watching/hearing it at school while we waited for the education program we were going to watch. I think the clip had kids playing in it but I could be mistaken. Another one they used during this time was “Music Box Dancer”.

  2. This will test the memory of some not born when this show was first screened, Van der Valk was made during the successful 70’s – 90’s period of Euston Films, a subsidiary of Thames TV, which also had The Sweeney, Minder, and Reilly Ace of Spies in its list of hits when Van der Valk was originally broadcast. I’m not sure how this remake will be received with Europe making so many similar criminal procedure shows, times have changed too, if it works out maybe another version of The Sweeney (set in the 70’s) might make a return as well, the smashed up Jaguar cars will make a few Sweeney fans smile.

  3. I watched it at the time, but it always seemed a bit strange that a British show was filmed in Holland in English about the Dutch police-I would think that something like ‘Bergerac’ would be a more likely successful reboot option.

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