Netflix no comment over Lunatics likeness

Tall stories in a world of copyright, but Netflix declines to comment.

Netflix representatives declined to comment on suggestions Chris Lilley’s Lunatics includes scenes which bear similarities to a YouTube character created in 2012.

As news.com.au reported viewers have taken to social media to point out the likeness between Lilley’s character Becky Douglas, a seven foot three (222cm) teenage girl and Sheridan Belvedere, an eight foot seven (265cm) teenage girl featured in a series of “World’s Tallest Girl” skits on YouTube.

“I’ve been considering legal advice or legal action,” creator Hamish Williams said.

In 2007 after the success of Summer Heights High there were stories about parallels between Mr. G. and a character in 2000’s sitcom Sit Down Shut Up (Mr. G first appeared in 2003’s The Big Bite). Nothing eventuated over any perceived likeness…

In intellectual property such as characters and storylines, you can’t copyright an idea, only its execution.

Other shows that have attracted similar speculation include My Kitchen Rules / The Hot Plate, My Kitchen Rules / MasterChef, Twenty Twelve / The Games, Gruen / The Mad Bad Ad Show. None has ever led to a court case or ruling.

Producers Princess Pictures also referred all queries to Netflix representatives when approached by TV Tonight.

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  1. I remember some talk of Kath & Kim “borrowing” some ideas from The Top Twins, in particular the jockey character in the Melbourne Cup episode. It’s almost inevitable that character comedians will pick up ideas from others in their field. As long as it’s not outright plagiarism, I don’t see a problem.

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