Returning: Taboo

Harley Breen returns with four fresh episodes of Taboo next month on 10.

Over 4 episodes the show will endeavour to learn about four subjects -terminal illness, racism, mental illness and physical disability- and showcase their stories with humour.

Last year’s pilot episode has also been nominated for a Logie as Most Outstanding Factual or Documentary Program.

Over four insightful episodes, award winning comedian and host, Harley Breen, will tackle ‘taboo’ topics in a sensitive yet humorous way, while providing a sharp and thoughtful look at the reality of living differently.

The series premiere will see Harley Breen make four new inspiring friends who all have a terminal illness. Viewers get an insight into what life is like for 28-year-old Lauren who was born with Cystic Fibrosis, 34-year-old Nicole, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer just over two years ago, Michel, 44 who has non-smoking related lung cancer and 22-year-old Matt who has stage 2 oligodendroglioma, an incurable brain cancer.

Harley will tell their stories in a comedic way, in the hope of empowering people in society who feel like they are invisible, who don’t have a voice or don’t get seen.

Together, they will talk about things we’re not sure you want to talk about and laugh at things we’re really not sure you want to laugh about.

Thursday, 13 June at 8:30pm on 10.

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