Taboo: June 13

Harley Breen’s Taboo series will screen from Thursday.

There are three new episodes on terminal illness, racism and mental illness. These will be followed by the Logie-nominated Pilot episode on physical disability.

The first episode features four inspiring people living with a terminal illness, allowing Breen to share their stories through humour.

Harley learns about the daily life of 28-year-old Lauren who has suffered from Cystic Fibrosis since birth. He learns about how 23-year-old war veteran Matt is spending the time he has left raising money for cancer research.

Harley and the group are confronted with the reality that 34-year-old Nicole must leave early to have a cancerous tumour removed from her lung, while Michel, 44, who was diagnosed with non-smoking related lung cancer has to find the courage to tell his young daughters that his days are numbered.

And then, with his friends permission, Harley will push the boundaries and perform a stand-up comedy routine using material drawn from their lives. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

8:40pm Thursday on 10.


  1. Hi, thanks for making an awesome show about terminal illnesses. Brilliant. I am going through cancer treatment and this is what I needed. Thanks again Katrina

  2. as usual 10 have somewhat ruined a new show before it even starts due to their constant relentless promotions, i will probably still watch it but not as enthusiastic about now…..

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