9GEM simulcast in HD

Nine this week introduced a 9GEM HD simulcast for the upcoming Ashes series.

This is available on Channel 95 in all metro cities (may require set rescan).

The use of bandwidth follows the closure of the YourMoney channel.

9GEM remains in SD on Channel 92.

There are also plans to offer the same for NBN viewers in coming weeks.


  1. I live in Newcastle and I can confirm Gem HD is now where the old Your Money channel was. The picture quality is definitely HD and better than standard Gem.

    I saw a promo Gem HD on channel 9 after midnight about a week ago and googled and found this article, tried a rescan but it was just a blank Your Money channel. Didn’t see anymore promos but tried a rescan today and it is working. They left it to the last minute because the Ashes start tomorrow. They put an article on their site: 9nbn.com.au/content/gem-hd

  2. I just had a rescan and happily received 9Gem HD but sadly lost 9Go on Channel 99 only to have it on Channel 93. Anyone else have this problem? Is there anyway i can get Channel 99 back?

  3. There was more than 1 change to the 9 stream. My Beyonwiz PVR EPG lost 9GO!. After a rescan I gained 9GO! Sydney and 9GEM HD. It was back-to-school and read the manual to remove a “dead” channel from the EPG and to group all of 9’s channels together again. Next task is the Toppy PVR!

  4. And yet again, people in the bush are treated like 2nd class citizens. If its good enough for the city folk to watch The Ashes in HD, surely county folk can too??? But apparently not, so my Foxtel investment is confirmed as necessary again….

  5. It will only be in HD for the cricket and not for normal programming.
    NBN and areas that did not have ch95 will not be able to access GEM in HD.
    For those areas not receiving HD can do so via 9now.com.au or the 9now app.

  6. Finally a commercial network following the lead of SBS. Seven really need to do this with 7mate given how often they use it as a backup channel for sport.

  7. I don’t watch Nine, so this would make little difference. I have this feeling that Seven will launch a HD simulcast of 7mate in the next couple of weeks in response.

      • Yeah it is. It might not be 1080p but it is at least 720p. I watch 9Life all the time via streaming…. such a better picture than broadcast

      • Yeah I don’t want to watch TV through the internet though. I’d rather watch on my TV and I don’t have unlimited internet. Thanks for the help though.

        • Guessing you don’t have Netflix or Stan…. Watching TV through the internet isn’t really a new concept.
          At least there is a way for regionals to watch in HD if they want to.

          • I’m sorry, I don’t believe I replied to you. Like I said, I don’t have unlimited internet, don’t really care how new or old a concept it is. Whether I have any streaming service isn’t relevant to 9Gem being available nationwide instead of 9 owned areas but anyway.

  8. I’m usually the first to criticize the free to air networks but in this case I say kudos to 9 for allowing this to happen, especially as I happen to be in the NBN region.

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