Auditions: Toasted TV

10 is currently casting for a co-host for kids presentation Toasted TV.

“If you’re naturally energetic, outgoing, always up for fun and pop-culture runs through your veins – and you’re ready to relocate to Brisbane – we want to hear from you!” says 10.

You will be responsible for:

Generating creative ideas and approaches to segments
Researching and writing scripts
Presenting on camera both in studio and on location
Assembling off-lines per week for the editing process
Generating bite-size content for Toasted’s social media
Are you right for this role?

You’re spontaneous and up for anything
You love pranks, dares and games
You’re just as comfortable chatting to an A-Grade celeb as you are a 3rd Grader
You’re a pop culture encyclopedia

So, if you’re passionate about TV and media, enjoy working in a vibrant and creative team and have a passion for children’s television, we would love to hear from you!

More info is advertised at at both 10 and SEEK.


    • I was thinking the same. For some reason, I was under the impression that they had dumped the unnecessary hosts and just aired the cartoons themselves, but apparently it’s been airing continuously since its premiere (apparently it airs every day, in fact!).

      On that note, I never liked Cheez TV back in the day. I just wanted the guys to shut up and show us the toons. I had never found the boys amusing. Now, Agro’s Cartoon Connection was a different story. I didn’t like when they dragged on either, but upon its axing, Cheez TV and anything else that followed felt like a huge step back.

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