Breakfast feud: Basil Zempilas vs Michael Rowland

What has Weekend Sunrise host Basil Zempilas started?

Yesterday on his 6PR radio show he jokingly referred to ABC News Breakfast host Michael Rowland as “Eddie Munster.”

“Eddie Munster we watch, (6PR co-host Steve) Millsy and I every morning. He hosts the ABC breakfast show. We call him Eddie Munster because he’s got hair like Eddie Munster,” he joked.

He added, “I think Eddie Munster thought he was going to get the Insiders gig, Millsy. (He) was kind of lobbying, and then a very, very warm tweet when David Speers was announced as the new host.”

But Rowland is fighting fire with fire via his Twitter followers:

Amongst the 50+ responses are names including:

Sam the Eagle from The Muppets
Mr. Bean
Klinger from MASH
PeeWee Herman
Tom Conti
Jeff Goldblum

But Zempilas copped it fair today. “What can you do? When you’re beaten by a better man you just have to cop it sweet and go quietly into the corner.”

It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.


  1. @hallilt – Name calling has been and will be around forever. As a redhead, you tend to get used to it.. I do however, find it insulting that Jamie Farr and Rowan Atkinson have been compared to Basil.

  2. Two things strike me about this:

    * Why is Basil so nasty? Why such petty and even bitchy comments about another presenter?

    * As Basil was being so tipped to replace Kochie, why is he watching ABC News Breakfast and not Sunrise? Maybe he can’t stand their antics either, but very revealing to be so upfront about his need to watch another network to get a decent breakfast show.

    • At 6PR Radio Perth they have all the breakfast shows on tvs in the studio while Basil is co-hosting his breakfast program. That would be the only reason why Basil would see it.

  3. carolemorrissey

    Oooooh so why isn’t he watching Sunrise? I would have thought he was contractually obligated to. Could be worse, he could have been watching Today.

  4. It speaks volumes abou his character. Isn’t this what we tell kids not to do in school? Oh the Trump times of name-calling – let’s hope it ends in 2020.

  5. Brave taking on Mr Stokes’ favourite employee. Last time someone from the ABC had an opinion on Basil, The West had some puff article in the the paper nearly everyday in support of Basil.

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