Friday Flashback: Herman Munster, no make-up

For no reason in particular, this week’s Flashback is a look at the great Fred Gwynne, performing as Herman Munster sans make-up.

The family were horrified to see the effects of a lightning bolt on their Hermie…

This episode of The Munsters is from 1966 and also featured Dom DeLuise. It was remade in The Munsters Today in the late ’80s with John Schuck.


  1. Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1ᴘ5

    Was an Addams Family fan more back then, didn’t really get into The Munsters until years later. My Mother The Car, F-Troop, Bewitched, The Ghost And Mrs Muir, My Three Sons and My Favorite Martian were favourites of mine back then (been good watching My Favorite Martin again on 9GEM).

  2. Funnily enough Fox Classics has started showing the Munsters just this week. And next week they will be starting McHales Navy. Finally Fox Classics are bringing some variety. It’s good to see these shows i personally haven’t seen in decades. Bring on more please I think MASH and Hogans Heroes can do with a rest.

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