When Grant Denyer was grateful for a little help

Grant Denyer may be backing Amanda Keller for the Gold Logie but the suggestion that he is annoyed with Tom Gleeson is in stark contrast to what he said last year.

A year ago he acknowledged people power in helping him to a win.

“Tom Gleeson where are you?” he asked the Logies room.

“Thanks for the Hard Chat mate, I appreciate it.

“Sometimes if you need to get things done in this country you need an angry redhead. Pauline Hanson wasn’t available so I had you, mate. Thank you so much.”

This week he was backing Amanda Keller (fair enough) but also took aim at Gleeson’s campaign telling News Corp, “I’m worried if he wins, that’s it for the Logies forever.”

On the 2Day FM breakfast show yesterday, Denyer also criticised Gleeson for hijacking his Gold Logie campaign.

“He (Gleeson) jumped on at the 11th hour and basically took over my campaign,” Denyer said. “I didn’t ask him to, I didn’t really want him to, but I had no choice in that.

“Everybody in the country now thinks I won the award because of him, and if I’m honest, that shits me.”

He also appeared on Hard Chat just last week.


  1. Yes, I’ve been a bit puzzled by Grant’s about face this year.

    Lighten up, Grant. There’s a flicker of life back in the Logies. Goodness knows, they need it.

  2. >> Everybody in the country now thinks I won the award because of him, and if I’m honest, that shits me.”

    Actually Grant, if you’re honest, it’s true.

    >> “I’m worried if he wins, that’s it for the Logies forever.”

    The Logies lampooned to death? Count me in.

  3. battlestargalactica

    I find all this Gold Logie outrage/controversy/column-inch filler laughable. Nobody outside the industry cares who wins a Gold. What’s the qualification to even get nominated in the first place? Gleeson is spot on – treating it as a novelty award that has no bearing on anything. If Denyer is seriously aggrieved he needs a reality check.

  4. There was once a time when awards were to be taken seriously. Nowadays, awards are marred by special and vested interests to promote agendas, as well as cheating and rigging. People are now getting awards for anything and everything just to not have anyone be left out. Award presentations are now a joke and they shouldn’t be taken so seriously nowadays. The award presentations that still have credibility are few and far between.

    • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1ᴘ5

      Exactly and look at the Emmy’s just to garner a Nomination there were billboards put up to consider Hannah Gadsby and that cost cannot be cheap. So competition on that is also who campaigns the hardest, sure maybe Hannah deserves it, however without a fortune being spent she may have had no chance of getting nominated as others did more to push their client/show/whatever. Of course cannot quantify that as the big dollars have been spent, however her agent or whoever must have known that if it wasn’t done she’d have no chance.

      As I said that’s just to get nominated, cannot imagine the dollars that will go into it to get a win, so at least we haven’t reached that level yet.

  5. Im with Grant on this one. To me its obvious Tom is desperate for a gold logie here but it’s going under the guise of making a joke out of it. It’s actually getting pretty annoying, looks desperate and really makes him look the fool. I get what Grant said last year as he won, he had to acknowledge Toms campaign because it was everywhere then too…I used to like Tom but his attitude this year has put me right off!

    • Not sure I follow. Last year he was happy for Tom’s support to win a meaningless Gold, and said so in his acceptance speech.

      The only reason Tom’s campaign has any traction is because it’s highlighting the reality that everyone knows is true anyway.

  6. Is he serious? Boo hoo. Tom Gleeson is giving the Logies a much needed boost of interest, whilst at the same time lampooning not just it but award shows in general. Good on Tom. I’m actually interested to watch this year because of him. Denyer and others clearly take the Logies (and awards in general) waaaaay too seriously. For a nation that excels in self deprecating humour, The Logies should be fun and irreverent, like the spirit of Gleeson’s campaign. Not safe and lame, which is how the Logies is largely perceived. And how Denyer comes off with sob stories like this.

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