Oops. ABC screens last week’s Mad as Hell episode.

Updated: Micallef fans in meltdown over an ABC stuff-up. You had one job....

ABC has mistakenly put to air last week’s Mad as Hell episode to air.


TV Tonight can confirm a fresh episode was recorded last night.

ITV Studios Australia CEO David Mott also told TV Tonight he had spoken with ABC Managing Director David Anderson who was looking into the stuff-up.

“Meanwhile we’re enjoying a lovely encore of last week’s episode,” he joked. “I look forward to seeing the new one soon.”

On social media viewers are in meltdown over the mess.




On screen ABC ran a crawl “Apologies due  to technical error, last week’s episode was played.”

ABC has now uploaded the new episode to iview. It will screen at 9pm Thursday on ABC.

An ABC spokesperson said, “The ABC apologises for broadcasting the incorrect episode of Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell. This fault was due to a technical error. This week’s episode has been put up on ABC iview for fans to watch as soon as they like. The episode will also be shown on the ABC’s main channel at 9pm Thursday night as well as at its regular repeat timeslot on Friday night.”

TV Tonight understands the correct episode was not supplied by ABC Melbourne to Media Hub playout.

This post updates.

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  1. Missed last week’s episode and came in half way through this repeat. Not realising it was a repeat, I thought the banner along the bottom was a clever joke – a tongue-in-cheek parody of useless ribbons used on other shows.

  2. Speaking of playing the wrong thing? Did anyone else notice Sunrise this morning at 6.00am played the wrong “coming up” . It was actually from last Thursday’s show, about NSW winning State Of Origin. Obviously someone realised, and it was quickly changed to today’s news. I just checked on 7 Plus and it’s still there. Just before the 6.00 am time stamp.

  3. More importantly, were the closed captions that aired last night from last week, or what would have been for the fresh episode this week? If they were this week’s, that may prove there was a ‘live roll’ error from ABC Southbank as the closed captions are inserted live being the program is produced on a very tight production turn around.

    1. After the initial confusion, checking twitter etc, I did actually notice it had the slightly out-of-sync captions from last week as well! Repeats tend to have resynced captions. iview also gets updated, usually…

      1. Sounds like the Caption Centre might have expected the fresh episode and caption in block mode using a prepped caption file. But they themselves must have realised the wrong episode was going out and would have had to go into live caption steno mode resulting in jarred and delayed captions. What a mess!

    2. In the recording I have of it, it looks like last week’s captions were being played, but not just that, it looks like it was being captioned live! The captions were appearing word-by-word instead of multiple lines at a time as they usually do.

  4. Everyone makes mistakes, and I really feel for the poor person who played the wrong episode, they’ll never live this down. The main issue is that Mad as Hell is very current, so when the correct ep goes to air it will be somewhat irrelevant.

  5. It was about 5 minutes in last night when I realised. I must say there were a few jokes I missed the first time. After Squinters, I went on to iView and watched the right one. Last week’s ep was better I think

    1. … except that the ABC outsourced it’s on-air presentation to Bruce Gordon’s WIN years ago. There’s almost nothing left at the ABC itself other than the news department …

      1. Not WIN. MediaHub is a joint operation between the ABC and WIN to operate a custom design play-out facility for television presentation. Both the ABC and WIN own an equal number of ordinary shares in MediaHub. The ABC also owns Class B shares in MediaHub.

  6. And yet they didn’t think to interrupt the broadcast and air the new episode as soon as the mistake had been spotted?

    Sure, they’d have to urgently shift a few things in the schedule (maybe remove a few promos to ensure that everything else would still air as scheduled) and perhaps even cut some late-night filler, but to continue airing the repeat?

    As the old adage goes, what a waste of our tax dollars.

    1. A twitter user in Adelaide said they received the wrong episode too. That is unexplainable as they would have known about the issue in East Coast states before the episode played.

  7. I may be mistaken, but I’m sure I can hear lots of windows being opened along the street and people yelling out, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to watch it anymore!”

    1. And also to see what the ratings will be for the Thursday proper showing – with a slightly later timeslot, and it being rescheduled so soon, some people might not receive the news in time.

  8. I am watching it thinking “What’s going on. I watched this last week”. And glad it wasn’t just me.
    Thank you so much to David for posting this very quick article 🙂

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