Rebel Wilson to host Pooch Perfect for Seven

2020 Seven-produced series will offer $100,000 for Australia's best dog groomer.

Rebel Wilson will host a new competition dog styling series for Seven, Pooch Perfect.

Currently in pre-production, the series will feature ten professional dog stylists from around the country competing in a series of themed challenges revealing epic transformations of beloved pets.

$100,000 in prize money is on offer for the contest, determined by a panel of the industry’s top judges.

The announcement follows a quiet casting announcement last month seeking dog groomers.

“My childhood was full of weekend adventures at dog shows all around Australia and my family had a business selling pet products out of a caravan – such as leads, treats and the best dog styling equipment available,” said Rebel Wilson.

“This show with Seven is going to be a ton of fun and showcase some amazing dogs and dog lovers. Technically I’m allergic to dogs though…so hopefully they can edit around my sneezing!”

Seven’s Director of Network Programming, Angus Ross, says: “Rebel has a fantastic energy, great timing, the sharpest wit and like many Australians, she loves dogs. With her passion, humour and insight, she’s a great host for this entertaining and heart-warming series.”

The series is a Seven Studios production to screen in 2020.

Rebel Wilson will also host and executive produce the first Australian Amazon Original series, LOL: Last One Laughing.

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  1. Channel 7’s 2020 up-fronts “from the creators of all the flopped reality shows we brought in 2019 comes a brand new 6 part reality series, Fly on the Wall, spend 30 nail biting minutes watching a fly buzz around an empty room and wait to see if it lands on a wall, also in 2020 that drama series we announced in 2010 will still not air but we just wanted to remind you. Also we have three new seasons of My Kitchen Rules because 2 weren’t enough in 2019”.

  2. Barking mad of Seven to include those first three letters in the title of this show. Sub-editors will have a field day with the headlines if the viewers find this re-pug-nant and the show proves to be a dog leading to the inevitable ruff stories about the less than paw-fect programming the network is dishing up lately.

  3. This sounds like a passion project for Rebel, but I fear she could wind up jeopardising her brand by putting her face to these sorts of shows after she has developed an international profile, though I suppose that by having Rebel front and centre that Seven could attract a lot of overseas broadcasters.

    Either way, it’s good to see her come home to appear in the odd local production.

    Though I am a little puzzled that she would return to appear in something like this, but not on the upcoming revival of Fat Pizza, which was one of her earliest roles (and Bilgiç, her on-screen husband, hadn’t been listed with the returning cast either).

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