Block beats Masked Singer again

The Block has again beaten The Masked Singer.

Nine’s reno show won with 897,000 last night, well ahead of 10’s singing show on 713,000. The latter rose to 877,000 for the moment Adam Brand was revealed as the Dragon, which also topped the demos. He was correctly guessed by ‘Sherlock Minogue.’

7:30 (533,000), Foreign Correspondent (511,000) and Bride and Prejudice (430,000) all followed.

Things were tight from 8:30. Overruns notwithstanding Catalyst won its slot with 395,000, ahead of Secret Bridesmaids’ Business (361,000), Love Island (357,000) then Insight (251,000) and BH90210 (232,000).

Nine network won Tuesday with 28.8% then Seven 27.2%, 10 18.6%, ABC 16.5% and SBS 9.0%.

Nine News was 799,000 / 752,000 for Nine. A Current Affair drew 669,000 then Hot Seat (435,000 / 283,000), Botched pulled 224,000.

Seven News (966,000 / 932,000) was #1 for Seven then Home and Away (633,000) and The Chase (564,000 / 317,000). The Proposal was just 152,000.

The Project was 510,000 / 304,000 for 10 then 10 News First (315,000). Celebrity Name Game was 178,000 and NCIS was 169,000.

ABC News (671,000), The Show Must Go On (214,000) and The Drum (170,000) also comprised ABC’s remaining shows.

On SBS it was Britain’s Most Historic Towns (246,000), SBS World News (148,000) and Dateline (140,000).

7mate’s Towies led multichannels at 153,000.

Sunrise: 248,000
Today: 188,000
News Breakfast: 117,000 / 41,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 8 October 2019

Please note ratings wrap may be delayed tomorrow due to 10 breakfast Upfronts.


  1. Over recent weeks I have been surprised by the interest of TMS as in our household (with a combined child, tween, teen and adult age bracket) , not one person has shown any interest in this show, it’s has not appealed to any of us and have in fact been put off by the commercials showing screaming, over the top, “celebrity” judges and some cringeworthy” celebrity” performers. I know we are in the minority according to the ratings, but it comes as no shock to me that the interest is fading.

  2. I was going to ask if they’ll renew this for a second season but by tomorrow we should know ,this doesn’t have the legs to continue in this iteration and perhaps as mentioned elsewhere a change is on order. I feel sorry for the poor audience who had to sit for what would be hours only to be told to go home and wait for the show.

  3. Good to see that people are waking up to the steaming pile of garbage Love Island actually is. Now to see the same thing with MAFS next year (crosses fingers and prays)

    • I think both shows are bad in terms of how trashy the are – but I don’t mind Love Island where the show knows that it is some guilty pleasure silly dumb-fun (especially with snarky narrator).

      MAFS tries to sell itself on being a relativity high-brow “Social Experiment” but is as bad if not worse than Love Island in terms of being trashy. That’s the show I just can’t watch.

  4. mark from hawthorn

    I agree with Sassy1…. Secret Bridesmaids Business is excellent and deserves a better time and ratings…. and I’m down to watching just the last five minutes of TMS.

  5. Glad I am not the only one, TMS has lost it’s appeal. Hughes & Lohan are hopeless and absolutely useless. I think they need to rethink the format of this show.

    It’s got to the point where we know who they are and it’s just boring. I think they need to add new characters each week and reveal more singers under the mask. It feels drag out.

    I think the judges know who they are but are playing dumb and it’s freaking annoying.

    • Bit of a drop but doing better than many expected. Doing well on other platforms like 9Now. Most shows drop after the initial airing. Look at The Masked Singer, started out at 1.1 million and last night down to just over 700,000.

  6. In the third week I’m losing interest in The Masked Singer. Dave Hughes is getting more annoying by the minute with his “jokes” and guesses. Also the out of context cutaways to the audience and overplayed reactions\laughter is off putting. I have no idea who Adam Brand, and I assume a lot of the audience didn’t either.

  7. Yes unfortunately Masked Singer becomes less interesting after a while. Possibly because the remaining singers identities are now known or widely suspected.

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