Block still strong as Amazing Race Australia returns

Ratings: Nine renovation is too strong for 10's new travel contest, but HYBPA? takes the lead thereafter.

The Block comfortably defeated 10’s newcomer last night, pulling 945,000 viewers and topping 25-54 demos.

The Amazing Race Australia debuted to 635,000 and drew lots of reactions on social media, with many mixed views around host Beau Ryan.

Following those were 7:30 (588,000), Australian Story (576,000), and Bride & Prejudice (458,000).

Have You Been Paying Attention? also dominated its slot at 816,000 viewers with guest host Chrissie Swan, and a win in younger demos, well ahead of Four Corners (513,000), Media Watch (477,000 from 9:20pm), Love Island (330,000) and The Rookie (310,000 from 9pm).

Nine network won Monday with 28.0%% then Seven 26.5%, 10 20.9%, ABC 16.9% and SBS 7.7%.

Nine News drew 879,000 / 810,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (725,000), Hot Seat (433,000 / 262,000).  True crime special Killer in the Forest drew 182,000.

Seven News was #1 at (930,000 / 949,000) for Seven then Home & Away (624,000), The Chase (531,000 / 334,000). SWAT was 201,000.

The Project 10 was 509,000 / 278,000 for 10 then 10 News First (350,000), Just for Laughs (318,000) and Celebrity Name Game (209,000).

ABC News (616,000), Q&A (302,000) and The Drum (143,000) also comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was The Royal House of Windsor (218,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (213,000), SBS World News (163,000) and 24 Hours in Police Custody (132,000).

NCIS on 10 BOLD led multichannels on 146,000.

Sunrise: 271,000
Today:  186,000
News Breakfast: 96,000 / 50,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 28 October 2019

53 Responses

  1. I didn’t like the fact that they never had start times on the second leg, Beau just said that the teams leave in the same order they arrived. Does this mean that the lower finishing teams start without a time handicap? If so, then the leading teams loose a time advantage. Not fair.

  2. I enjoyed the premiere episode of TAR Australia! Beau’s a very good Host and he is much better than boring old Grant!

    However, I didn’t enjoy the season not starting in Australia, nor I enjoy not having a full intro! Excited for the season, I will hopefully be a good one!

  3. I’m not sold on TARA but I’ll stick around for now. I thought the editing was a bit all over the place in parts and overall it made first place look super hard but everyone else seemed to get things done super quick bar the Muslim ladies. Yes, I also wasn’t here for huggy bro Beau Ryan on the mat but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for the first episode. Oh and I also cringed when the nuns got to the mat and he said “thank god”.

  4. Big shoes to fill for the TARA host when we are familiar with the quality of hosting and narration from the previous host Grant Bowler, who also hosted The Mole among featuring in other shows.

    1. I can only imagine they wanted the action to start quickly and saving Australian based leg for last so rather than have them start here and run to the airport for a 12 hour flight better to just start overseas, who knows.

  5. I enjoyed TARA, although it started to lose momentum towards the end of the episode when the outcome was pretty obvious. But, that’s outside of the control of the producers and editors.

    I found the host to be way OTT in his delivery, especially describing the challenges, etc. But, thankfully the host plays a pretty small role in the overall series.

    I liked that they started in South Korea instead of Australia. I did miss the classic introduction / titles though.

  6. The Amazing Race Australia = did anyone else notice Beau referring to teams checking in on the TAR mat as “the first team to check-in … the 2nd team to check-in ….” etc.? I always liked it when Phil referred to teams as Team #1, Team #2, Team #3, etc.

  7. I for one loved TAR. Beau to me is a perfect fit. Young, energetic and has fun with it. Phil from the US version is stagnant, void of any real personality. Jon Montgomery is great on Canadian version. People need to remember that by doing a carbon copy of versions past, what would be the point? We need to have our own spin on things. We are finally at a time on Aus TV where we are seeing new faces present/ host shows. We should be encouraging this, not looking for faults. Agree that the credits should be shown at the beginning too however.

    1. Well said! The intro credits should be on tonight. The premiere episodes of shows on Channel 10 usually don’t include the credits, the same happens with Australian Survivor. Gives the viewers a chance to get to know the contestants and their stories.

  8. Which programming genius at Nine believed yet another hour of regurgitated Milat would be watched? TARA contestants better not throw their litter on the ground if they go to Singapore, but it seemed someone eventually pulled them into line as the show progressed. Or did editing fix that?

  9. Beau did OK for me. I think (hope) he will settle down. He has to cease hugging the teams though and not get as excited when the teams arrive (except maybe for Team 1). He did OK at presenting the challenges. As someone else said, it’s probably only different for TAR enthusiasts. If you’ve never watched TAR before, you would likely think Beau was great.

  10. People not watching it due to Beau Ryan and the ecstatic voice he uses on the show is the stupidest thing I have read so far today. You’re clearly not a fan of the franchise when you decide to not watch it because of that. I enjoyed the first episode and it will be interesting what the intro looks like tonight. Next I’ll be reading people complaining it’s airing twice a week.

  11. Longtime TAR fan and while not a Beau fan in the past coming from Melbourne, have really liked him on Sunday night takeaway and last night on TARA. We don’t need to have carbon copy hosts of US versions, local Aussie hosts bring the Aussie flavour. Will continue to watch and help spread the word to keep the Aussie production team working and industry alive. Ten is slowly turning itself around ?

    1. Having watched TARA last night. As you say he brings an Aussie flavour which is more matey, less stand-offish. But I do agree it’s cringey. It might be ok later in the competition but right off the bat he doesn’t know these people and should remain impartial. Especially if he’s going to hug a couple of ratbag cheats as much as an honest hard working couple.

      I’m like “don’t hug them you don’t know who they walked over to get there!”

  12. Love Beau, great look and something different to the standard roll call of people.
    I love Amazing Race US but I find Phil so boring and insignificant to the show. He’s so dreadfully waspy and dull…
    Glad Australian race has a host with a more warmth and relatability. Loved that he demo’d the challenges and love love loved the hugs! Now if he could just get the terminology right 🙂

  13. I enjoyed TAR, but it was missing two key elements, the first being the opening titles as it’s not TAR without the theme song. Secondly a strong host, Beau may be attractive, but his voice is not suited to hosting a show like TAR. Grant Bowler was the perfect choice for the previous seasons, not sure why he wasn’t chosen (or perhaps was not available) for 10’s incarnation.

  14. It was a strong first episode of The Amazing Race. For me Beau’s style and demeanour does not fit the show as it needs a polished presenter with warmth and like-ability. At least what matters is the casting and 10 have nailed a true representation of diverse Australia, well done!

  15. Watched the amazing race australia on tenplay it was great Beau was a good host but also was a bit over the top in the way that he shouted i will definitely watch the rest of the series it’s a shame it didn’t rate better

  16. I suspect viewers that are not familiar with the show would not have minded Beau. but to anyone that appreciates the format he was dreadful. TAR hosts have always been there to bookend the show, they’ve been authoritative without drawing too much attention to themselves.
    Beaus’ Bogan voice is more suited to afternoon kids shows, on TAR it came across as condescending. and his attempts at comedy and banter made it seem like he was making the show all about himself.

      1. I think the villains will be Sid and Ash, who after their performance in the Detour will be making a beeline to Hell by pinching a dumpling from the nuns. They even admitted it themselves that they would be going to Hell for their actions.

        Apart from them, I actually like all the teams, and I don’t actually mind Beau as a host.

    1. Yes, Beau was cringeworthy on Sunday Night Takeaway and is just the same here…unfortunately with more screentime as well.
      So many better choices for host. I think Todd Sampson would make a great host of both TAR Aus. or Survivor Aus.
      Enjoyed watching anyway.

    2. I believe Beau might not have been the best person at 10 that could have hosted the show, though I do like he’s added his own spin the to role of the ‘host’; adding his own character and taking part in some of the roadblocks. Still, it’s the contestants who are more likely to make or break a season of TAR and I think this group is expertly crafted.

    3. To reference an infamous Amazing Race Quote “The Amazing Race is supposed to be good & Fun”. I appreciated Beau’s hosting style here. He still has to warm up to the role a bit, but I don’t hate Beau. He has a fun, excitable energy (similar to the Jon who does the Canadian TAR).

      He could tone it down a bit, but he is much better than the dull Grant who did the old TARAu.

      1. I really enjoyed watching the Canadian version on the plane, to and from. Jon was an enthusiastic host. I am unfamiliar with Beau generally, but know who he is. So I will watch last nights tonight and see what I think.

        1. The best version was Amazing Race Asia — the early seasons of Asia and Australia were produced by the same company.

          Put me down as not a fan of him hugging (most) teams.

    4. I’m reminded of the recent Jumanji movie where a character from the game gives them the standard game-play announcements in a pleasant but detached manner. This has always been a feature of TAR, and needs to be kept. Beau really should not be shouting and changing the role. Jonathan LaPaglia does this perfectly on Survivor.

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