My Restaurant Rules makes a comeback …in NZ

Across the ditch Colin Fassnidge co-hosts a new version of the show that was the fore-runner to MKR.

My Restaurant Rules, the fore-runner to My Kitchen Rules, has returned to screens but this time in New Zealand.

A new season led by Colin Fassnidge and Judith Tabron began last week on TV NZ.

Like the original format it involves both renovation and cooking. That’s also somewhat similar to reno / food show The Chopping Block which ran for two seasons on Nine. Nine also mounted The Hotplate before Seven initiated legal action over format similarity to MKR.

So is My Restaurant Rules making a return to Australia?

It’s pretty clear MKR is having a major overhaul for 2020, with rumours of contestants living in house or similar. A Seven casting notice also did seek out restaurateurs and suggestions for “Australia’s favourite restaurant” … but much has changed within Seven since then. 7food is lacking original local content but these things don’t come cheap.

Upfronts are in 2 weeks time….

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  1. I always liked MRR. From the creation of the brand of each restaurant, to design and fitout, hiring and creating menus… not to mention the audience participation being able to eat at the restaurants was really cool.

    1. I used to enjoy this show too. Especially as members of the public could get involved and support a couple running a restaurant, rather than self indulged people wanting 15 minutes of fame (in my opinion)! Plus it was less bitchy!

  2. My Restaurant Rules sees five duos from ‘neighbourhood restaurants’ around the country compete to wow each other, and judges Colin Fassnidge and Judith Tabron, with the winner taking home a $100,000 prize. The teams are made up of the restaurant’s chef and front of house manager. The clincher is that the show is on the road, with the cast travelling to one another’s restaurants.

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