Returning: NCIS

Season 17 of NCIS begins on 10 this Sunday.

Season 17 of NCIS begins on 10 this Sunday.

“Out Of The Darkness” screened in the US in late September.

Cote de Pablo will have a recurring role as Ziva David this season.

Hold on to your NCIS baseball cap, we’ve got big news. Ziva is back!

Gibbs gets the surprise of his life when Ziva returns from the dead to present him with a cryptic warning.

Will Ziva reveal to Gibbs why she remained underground for so many years?

We have so many questions, let’s hope Ziva has answers.

8.30pm Sunday, 13 October on 10.

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  1. I miss NCIS. I really liked it until it became bizarrely bad in the first half of season 14. The shooting of an innocent man by an allied agent being treated as no big deal decisively ended my loooong association with NCIS and JAG before it.

      1. Almost certainly 1405. For some reason the show took a dramatic turn for the worse after Michael Weatherly/Anthony DiNozzo left. I sat through 4 episodes with uncomprehending eyes wondering WTF had gone wrong, after the farcical treatment of the shooting of an innocent man, I knew it was the writing team/supervision, and my, “bullshit meter” wouldn’t let me watch any more.

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