Returning: The Amazing Race Australia

10’s first season of The Amazing Race Australia will launch at 7:30pm Monday October 28.

This season is produced by Eureka Productions for the first time with Beau Ryan as host. Like The Masked Singer this will air as a short, sharp season over several weeks.

The prize is a cool $250,000.

Seven aired two seasons produced by activeTV and a third produced internally by Seven itself.

We call it amazing, but it’s also crazy, ludicrous, outrageous and adventurous. From painfully slow taxi rides to furious camels, our not-so-trusty tour guide, Beau Ryan, will lead 11 teams as they ping pong across the world in pursuit of the $250,000 cash prize.

In a race where every second and every step counts, you’ll need more than brains and brawn on your side. Some teams are even going as far as to call in a favour with the big fella upstairs.

Relationships will be tested, decisions will be second guessed and a meltdown or two will be had. So strap yourselves in and get ready for the race that has it all.


  1. The only thing I dislike about the show is the waiting times for opening hours of the tourist places where the lagging teams are able to catch up to the leading teams. It must be frustrating for the teams that were able to make the leap in front, only to lose the advantage because of opening hours where the tasks are.

    It would be nice to see more obscure cities and places that are not usually tourist locations.

    • That’s very common to The Amazing Race though and I don’t mind it. Remember they never know what time (although they may have a rough idea) what time any team will arrive anywhere so if a team arrived at a location just before it closed they would have a huge advantage. There is also bunching at airports too which can’t be helped. The racers know it’s part of the game.

    • It’s manipulative, but I like it. Otherwise, you can end up in situations like the first few seasons of TAR where the last teams were so far behind that it removes any tension / suspense. I think a team was once something like 24 hours behind due to poorly chosen flights, delays, etc.
      The winning teams of each leg normally get a decent prize (although that may not be true of TARA) which is possibly their main “reward” for coming first, as opposed to the time advantage.

    • I’m not sure why that’s worrying. That’s literally half the continents (no they won’t go to Antarctica) and that would be about the same as the US original. If they said only 3 countries then I’d be concerned.

  2. Also a huge fan. Will this be striped across multiple nights per week? A regular US season is usually 11-13 episodes. Screening once a week would take the series into January.

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