The Amazing Race Australia 2019: meet the cast

A super-diverse cast takes on 10's travel contest in their quest for $250,000.

11 teams will compete in the fourth season of The Amazing Race Australia, premiering next week on 10.

Full marks to 10 for diversity, with this cast ticking multiple boxes.

Travelling across three continents they will encounter Roadblocks, Fast-Forwards, Detours and U-Turns in their quest for a $250,000 cash prize.

The action kicks off in Seoul, South Korea.

Hosted by Beau Ryan, this season is produced by Eureka Productions.

Newlyweds: Tim (29) and Rod (28), NSW
It was love at first sight for newlyweds, Tim and Rod. The pair tied the knot earlier in the year and have lived in wedded bliss ever since. The certified personal trainers are in the best physical shape of their life, and have the strength to tackle – and bench press – any obstacle in their way. Passionate, energetic and always optimistic, Tim and Rod hope to inspire young people struggling with their identity and challenge any negative perceptions of what it means to be gay.

Mighty Siblings: Viv (25) and Joey (28), Victoria
Melbourne based siblings, Viv and Joey are often underestimated because of their height. Measuring four foot five inches, and five foot two inches respectively, the pair were often made fun of growing up, but now embrace their size and see it as an advantage in the race. What Viv and Joey may lack in height, they more than make up for with their charisma, determination and in Joey’s case, eating.

Sisters: Hayley (29) and Mikayla (24), Queensland
Driven and determined sisters Hayley and Mikayla are so competitive, they’re banned from family board game nights. These ladies have excelled in everything from academics to sports and even crab fishing. Pharmacist Hayley is a walking Rocky theme song. Once she locks in on a target, she won’t rest until the mission’s complete. As a vet, younger sister Mikayla is used to thinking outside the box and keeping calm under pressure.

Deadly Duo: Jerome (30) and Jasmin (30), Northern Territory
Darwin-based Indigenous couple Jerome and Jasmin are repping the Top End. Strong, determined and handy with a map, Jerome is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie. His partner, Jasmin, is a successful lawyer, whose goal is to challenge stereotypes and meet new heights in everything she does. Hoping to do their two-year-old son proud, Jerome and Jasmin are passionate about setting a good example for other young Indigenous Australians.

Gen Z Siblings: Alana (21) and Niko (19), South Australia
Alana and Niko are ready to bring some sibling rivalry to the race. Close and competitive in equal measure, these Adelaide students are ready show Australia what they’ve got. Although Alana loves her little brother, she’s known for losing her cool with him quickly. They are the youngest team to race and count on support from the whole Greek community.

Nurses: Nick (23) and Femi (23), NSW
Psychiatric nurses and best mates, Nick and Femi are used to working in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment. They know that they have the mental and physical stamina that it takes to conquer the race… and the means to getting an IV drip if they’re feeling a bit flat. Cool, calm and collected, the boys believe they can take a logical approach to the race and charm their way through the rest. When they’re not in scrubs, they’re whipping clients into shape at their personal training business in Sydney.

The Influencers: Sid (26) and Ash (30), NSW
There’s no denying #social #media #influencers Sid and Ash enjoy the finer things in life. From fine dining to luxurious holidays and endless upgrades, this lavish Bondi couple will stop at nothing to win the race…including stealing from #nuns. As former elite swimmers, they are no strangers to hard work or a 4am alarm, and let nothing and no one get in their way.

Farmer & Firie: Chris (58) and Adrienne (59), South Australia
After 30 years together, South Australian couple Chris and Adrienne haven’t faced an obstacle they couldn’t overcome. As the first female fire fighter in South Australia, when Adrienne isn’t tangling with flames, she’s helping Chris run their alpaca farm in regional SA. Driven, competitive and irrepressible back-seat drivers are ready to charge full-steam ahead.

Mum & Daughter: Rowah (42) and Amani (18), NSW
Rowah and Amani are a fierce mother-daughter duo, who are ready to box-jump past the competition. Both practicing Muslims, Rowah and Amani see the race as their chance to empower women and break stereotypes. They believe they have the mental and physical fitness needed to succeed in the race and hope this experience will bring them even closer together. Having the advantage of a life-long relationship, these two are up for the race of a lifetime.

The Nuns: Judy (53) and Therese (45), Australian Capital Territory
They’re ditching the habit and praying for a miracle! Missionaries of God’s Love Sisters, Judy and Therese are ready to show Australia what they’re made of. Don’t let these nuns fool you. Judy is incredibly fit, swimming 1.5km and running 17km a week, while Therese’s preferred mode of transport is a non-motorised scooter! These nuns on the run are hardly intimidated by the other contestants, stating that their secret weapon will be having the Big Fella upstairs on their side.

Footy Mates: Tom (23) and Tyler (23), Victoria
Whether they’re kicking goals on the AFL field or running through the streets of South Korea, Footy Mates Tom and Tyler only have one speed – fast. They’re used to victory on the footy field, but now the dashing and devilishly charismatic friends, Tom and Tyler, will rely on their mental and physical strength to push past the competition. Athletic, charismatic and ambitious, the boys plan on using their looks and charm to get them over the line when all else fails.

Monday, 28 October at 7.30pm on 10.

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  1. A shout out to whoever cast this, what fantastic diversity. Can’t wait to see how the nuns do, the younger one looks very feisty on the commercials. Nuns on the run, indeed. Other teams look very interesting as well!

  2. Congratulations to 10 on their diversity. I watch The Block but may tune in especially given that is almost over. My brother is a huge fan of the franchise. Smart programming by 10 to put towards end of the year. Good luck.

    1. Yeah I am hugely excited by the diversity representing the true Australian society. Always enjoy the travel aspect of the show and the characters. Some of the challenges navigating an unfamiliar country I can relate to, but not under the stress of competition! Thanks 10 for relaunching this show, wishing you all the success you deserve 🙂

  3. Love the casting based on the information provided here. Interesting that the race isn’t starting in Australia, the shows home country, as normally happens with the franchise.

  4. This looks like a great cast. I’m not normally one to care about the diversity as the only means to cast one of these show (especially as on occasion, I do feel that there have some instances on other shows where the “Diversity” casting feels like means to achieve a quota).

    Here, 10 of the 11 teams look like they will be really entertaining and fun to watch. They might all have different backgrounds, but they look like they will bring entertainment.
    (I think the only duds are the AFL guys).

  5. This with neighbours may be signalling a new approach to casting and giving the audience what it has been asking for.Hopefully they will rate well enough for the other stations to take note and mix it up a bit out there.

    1. Actually not a new approach. Both TARA and 10 have been diverse in reality for some time (MasterChef, So You Think You Can Dance) but it is a bit lacking in Bachelor franchise. Nine and Seven usually cast diversely in talent and cooking shows in particular.

  6. I hope this season is fantastic!

    Being a TAR superfan, I do hope we get extremely high ratings (Masked Singer like). Even though we are confirmed for a season in 2020, I would love us to get these ratings, so we can continue long into the future!

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