10Play: Erinsborough High

5 part webisode is promising storylines that are bolder, more progressive than the PG-rated serial.

5 part webisode Erinsborough High drops on 10Play next Tuesday, November 12.

10 is promising storylines that are bolder, more progressive and intense than the PG-rated 6:30 serial.

Based around high school exams, this features Georgie Stone, Olivia Junkeer and Ben Turland, plus newcomers Lachlan Miller, Grace O’Sullivan, Darius Amarfio-Jefferson and Ellmer Asipi.

This five-episode web series delves deep into the teen experience for a group of students during the hectic final exam period.

Hormones are racing, friendships are tested and stress levels start to wreak havoc within the group. But it’s when a popular student goes missing that the turmoil escalates to a whole new level.

This spin off series will explore issues that teens are universally facing today including bullying, mental illness, sexuality, cultural diversity, parental and peer pressure and teacher-student relationships. In true Neighbours style, the storylines are progressive, honest and reflective of modern society.

Tuesday 12 November on 10Play.

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