Drama at Days of Lives as cast released, wrong episode airs in Australia

If you’re a Days of Our Lives fan you know that the sands through the hourglass are undergoing big changes right now. Especially for viewers in Australia.

Storylines are at a premium, with Jennifer waking up from coma to find out she had been asleep all year… drama, drama, drama…

But Foxtel viewers on Tuesday were shocked to skip an episode which addressed big storylines. Instead they skipped forward to the next episode, which was yet to screen in the US.

TV Tonight understands international distributors delivered the wrong episode, perhaps in response to extra-security measures.

A Foxtel statement said, “Due to a technical delivery issue,  the incorrect Days of our Lives episode aired on Tuesday. The correct episode (that should have aired on Tuesday) will be available to stream On Demand from Thursday, or broadcast on FOX One (Ch101) Saturday afternoon. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and confusion caused to our DOOL fans!”

But the drama doesn’t end there.

In the US the entire cast have been released from contract and the show put into hiatus.

But it could be a negotiating ploy on the part of producers….

Executive producer Ken Corday recently told Andrew Mercado at Mediaweek, “Days is the most watched show on the NBC website, and that includes all their prime time shows. We are now at the table renegotiating for a better deal because the production company gains no revenue from that.”

Days of our Lives also recently moved to FOX One which has also entailed a price rise for Foxtel Now customers.


  1. Yes, Days has eight months of episodes in the can. Fans were told last month that filming was going on a four month break in order for air dates to not be so far ahead. So it seems this all fake news and it sure does add to the confusion with the time jump, and the chaos of shifting from Arena to FoxOne, which also meant that shows set to record on Foxtel IQ on the day of the channel changed did not record. Then the disaster of the crucial time jump episode being missed. The episdoe they showed was supposed to air next Tuesday. So there has been plot spoilers galore.

  2. I was watching Tuesdays episode and knew we were hitting the time jump episode but something did feel like we had missed something, so it makes sense now!

    It makes more sense to have a closer tape date to air date. I think Home and Away and Neighbours record far too much in advance as well. The UK soaps only film approx 2 months in advance of air dates.

  3. Lov3 Day’s of our lives. This time jump and episodes filmed closer to airfare will drastically improve the show. It will be able to course correct if storylines are not working and ramp up the ones that are.

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