Returning: Midsomer Murders

Series 20 returns to ABC in early December.

Series 20 of Midsomer Murders returns to ABC in early December.

This picks up from Episode 3, which 3 more eps to follow.

This aired in the UK in March.

It’s the first day of the 7th annual ‘FranCon Comic Book Convention’ in Carver Valley and the village is full of costumed comic book fans buzzing with excitement for the celebrations, none more so than FranCon’s creator Timoth Argo. As he makes the final preparations, he gets a mysterious call from renowned anonymous comic book writer Aequitus, telling him the latest issue of ‘True Identity’ has been left for him at the cemetery. With step sister Stella in toe, Timothy collects the comics and takes them back to their house for the night. However, that night an unseen burglar breaks into the house and steals the box of comics before burning them on the front lawn. Barnaby and Fleur are at the scene of the crime where they get introduced to Timothy’s mother Dr Juno and Stella’s father Shriff Isaac, a delusional man who believes he is the law of the town. Barnaby wants to call an expert on the matter, and he knows just the man; DC Winter.

Not-so-secretly a budding comic fanatic, Winter is more than happy to jump on the case and looks into Juno’s past where he learns that her first husband Lord Conrad Argo, a former Sheriff, was brutally murdered by a burglar two years ago. On that same night Conrad’s sister, former supermodel Francesca had been knocked into a coma, to which she has remained in ever since.

Sunday 8 December, 8.30pm on ABC.

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  1. The whole series has already been on Foxtel. I got excited that Foxtel was finally showing series 21. This is the reason why, as much as I don’t like the fact, that I need Foxtel, the ABC is so far behind, I can’t wait for them to catch up on all the British shows.

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