Jason Hodges dumped from Better Homes & Gardens

Landscaper Jason Hodges has been dumped from Better Homes & Gardens after 15 years, to be replaced by Selling Houses Australia‘s Charlie Albone.

A spokesperson for Seven said in a statement to Mumbrella they were bidding a “fond farewell” to Hodges.

“Jason joined Better Homes and Gardensin 2005 and has been transforming outdoor spaces and providing expert advice to viewers ever since,” they said.

“Career highlights include his medal-winning garden designs at both the Chelsea Flower Show in London and the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Jason will now turn his focus to his farming business, Buxus Balls of Berry, and other ventures.”

But Hodges told the Sydney Morning Herald, “To be honest, I am absolutely gutted. I think of myself as being the luckiest guy in the world, to have had the best job in the world and work with the best team there is … I’d be lying if I said I was not upset but as people in this business know, that’s how it goes.”


  1. BH&G dumped by me. Only commercial programme I watched. Rob Palmer sorely missed. Adam – (sorry Adam) – can’t stand his verbal delivery. Kept watching because of Jason. Bye bye!!!!!

  2. I only watch the repeats in the weekend, but I like the projects Jason does. I too was disappointed when Rob Palmer was sacked, but Adam from House Rules is a really likeable and presentable guy, and really knows his trade too.

  3. harrypotter1994

    7 are looking to freshen the show up again. Thing is the presenters love the show and know its a good job so don’t leave. I wonder how they decide who to cut.

    As for people discussing Rob Palmer, I’m surprised he hasn’t been on anything else since BH&G. He’s still in the Home Group ads with Manu but that’s it.

  4. Seven bids Hodges ” a fond farewell ” – Really ?
    Who believes this crap BS ? If that’s a fond farewell then heaven forbid getting a ” bad” one.
    That would probably consist of a firing squad at dawn, then being drawn , quartered, and turned into one of Fast Ed’s grisly concoctions.

  5. I read this a few weeks ago in the paper. I just presumed he left to focus on other things. Didn’t realise 7 moved him on. I did like him but I guess 7 want to freshen things up.

  6. Another one bites the dust. The affable Rob Palmer was replaced by that guy with the teeth and now the always upbeat Jason Hodges is replaced by a wet sponge. Ho hum. Merry Christmas.

  7. Nooooo! I love Jason. That’s it for me with BHG! I was disgusted when they dumped Rob Palmer and now Jason!
    I won’t ever watch the show again! It’s Gardening Australia for me now.

  8. With Jamie Durie signed to 7 now for House Rules, maybe 10 could sign him up to take on that landscape role for TLR or whatever lifestyle show they have planned for the Friday 7:30pm timeslot next year.

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