Seven confirms 7food channel closure

Seven announces changes to its multichannel suite.

As previously revealed by TV Tonight, 7food channel is closing with Food Network content migrating to 7flix from December 29 in branded programming blocks.

Seven will also add true crime content from Discovery to 7TWO.

7flix will be completely rebranded in 2020 to focus on young female audiences and 7mate will be going HD.

Brook Hall, Seven’s Director of Content Scheduling, said: “We’re thrilled to be stepping up our partnership with Discovery, to showcase their unmatched Food Network and premium true crime content across 7flix, 7TWO and 7plus.

“Discovery’s content will continue to be a key component of our multichannel strategy in 2020. Both 7flix and 7TWO will feature premium Discovery content, strengthening their positions in the market.

“7plus will also benefit from our expanded partnership with Discovery, with Food Network and premium true crime content perfect for BVOD audiences.”

Jeanneane Mckay, Director of Lifestyle Content & Channels at Discovery said, “We’re delighted to build on our partnership with Seven, extending the reach of our popular Food Network and true crime content. There is a huge appetite for this content worldwide among female audiences, and their addition to the line-up for 7flix and 7TWO strengthens their positions among this key demographic.”

Food Network content migrating to 7flix includes Restaurant Impossible, Buddy vs Duff, The Great Food Truck Race, Crazy Cakes and Spring Baking Championship. True crime content from Discovery joining 7TWO includes Who Killed Jane Doe?, Beauty Queen Murders, Momsters: When Moms Go Bad and Deadly Intent: Murder Among Friends.

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  1. 7Food content is moving to 7Leftovers, but will 7Mate become a part-time HD channel? It will be a lawyers picnic if Seven buys NZ’s channel 3 with it’s local copies of Nine’s top rating shows. Wonder if the fireworks will be visible across “the ditch”? I’ll get some popcorn!

    1. Its called marketing segmentation. Been around for a long time and will be around for a while to come. Despite what the minority would have you believe, most men behave like men and most women behave like women.

  2. If only 7 could put on some decent shows. 7 has nbc shares a show like Jimmy Fallon which ain’t shown now on Australian TV anymore l, could be an option for a 7mate program late in evening.

  3. At least they finally decided what 7Flix is going to be. At the moment it’s just a dumpster for all the shows Seven has no hope for with reruns of Married With Children sprinkled in wherever they want.

  4. I kind of like 7Flix as it is though. I don’t want to be watching Food Network shows. I didn’t watch their food channel for that very reason. Hope they don’t mess with it too much. 7mate in HD is about time but in this day and age all channels should be HD despite yes I know bandwidth issues, well maybe that should change. 5G is just around the corner now.

    1. Unfortunately, ratings don’t lie. There are definitely certain types of shows (and therefore channels) that skew towards one gender and/or age group. Seven then can sell advertising that is more targetted towards that demographic. It doesn’t mean that because you have the ‘wrong’ body parts, you can’t watch it.

  5. I think a sports channel will be a good thing. We need to acknowledge that when One (now 10 Bold) was launched, not everyone had digital television, hence it failed; but now everyone is on digital, Seven should launch an attempt at a sports-only channel (and not just horse racing as Racing.com is), ala C7 Sport but free (remember that channel anyone that was only on Optus and Austar until 2001, and on Foxtel during the Sydney Olympics?).

  6. The main reason for 7Mate to be HD is for the AFL in the NE it won’t benefit all the pawn shop and trucking shows. But it will also be good for overflow of the Cricket and *l^mp!cs.

    Of course the important thing is does the final season of Agent Of SHIELD air on 7Flix as a chic show next year?

  7. 7flix has always targeted “young females”, including in your annual multi-channel surveys. And it rates well in such demographics and isn’t the worst rating multi-channel in total people either.

    So I’m totally confused why Seven keep saying this RE: the re-launch. I can only imagine what they actually mean is, the name is changing and therefore are dropping movies?

    1. Sorry loved the channel when it first started with new episodes then there has been so many repeats plus now blocked episodes of the shame show. Far from being a waste of bandwidth. It has been proved that sport doesn’t rate as highly as it did.

  8. 7 Mate could start a genuine dedicated HD sports channel, of course this wont happen because it is expensive and will fail without some worthwhile content to attract advertisers and an audience, not cast off sports events that cost next to nothing to get the rights for as was the case with previous ventures. FTA terrestrial TV does need some decent consistent diverse sports coverage.

    1. JamieL – wasn’t that the point of One and OneHD? I remember being super excited about that. Ten used to show golf, American football and other programs. After 7HD was canned to make way for an AFL skewed 7mate, Ten changed strategy and One became a general channel…

      1. Lets not forget 7 Networks past association with the C7 Sport channel on Optus’s first Pay TV venture before Optus adopted Foxtel (which is now being cancelled by Optus as NBN is connected). Channel 7 has had some big plans for sports TV coverage in recent times.

        1. Think the reason for One HD becoming a general entertainment Channel was the increased grip of Foxtel /News Corp over Ten in recent years. They wanted to protect Foxtel Sports coverage, and saw One as competition to that, so they gutted it

          1. I think I heard somewhere that News Corp is planning to take over Seven, so even though I agree that we need a sports channel on free to air, like One (now 10 Bold) was when it started, I have a feeling that this channel would (if it happens) be short-lived because of Murdoch, just like what happened to One when it was changed to a different format not long after Foxtel brought a stake in Ten.

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