Tim & Rod win The Amazing Race Australia 2019

Newlyweds Tim & Rod have won The Amazing Race Australia.

The NSW couple won the $250,000 in a final puzzle challenge and footrace in Katherine Gorge, NT.

They defeated Darwin-based Indigenous couple Jerome and Jasmin and Melbourne based siblings, Viv and Joey.

Series favourites Tom & Tyler were eliminated in the penultimate episode after a U-turn that left some fans seething.

Tim said, “This journey, this race, this insane crazy adventure we’ve all been a part of, it’s the most fun we’ve ever had in our lives. We’ve learnt so much about each other and at the end of the day we’re still together after something like this. I’m so in love with him.”

Rod added: “If our marriage can last The Amazing Race, it can last a lifetime.”

The Eureka-produced series visited 6 countries on 3 continents, itself racing to turnaround a production on a punishing timeframe to broadcast in 10’s final quarter. It has been largely well-received by reality fans, despite landing in the headlines for a fallout by NSW “Influencers” Sid and Ash.

Network 10’s chief content officer Beverley McGarvey said: “The Amazing Race Australia has been a brilliant first season for us and is a show that really feels like it belongs on 10, it engaged audiences across all platforms and took us all on a genuine action packed adventure.

“I’d like to thank our dedicated host Beau Ryan for his enthusiasm and commitment, all our wonderfully interesting and entertaining contestants for their impressive efforts across the season, the excellent team Eureka Productions for being great production partners and to everyone at 10 for their hard work and passion.

“Congratulations to Tim and Rod on winning The Amazing Race Australia 2019 and taking home the $250,000 prize,” she said.

10 already has a casting callout for a 2020 season with a five-week filming period between the dates of June to July 2020.


  1. Having just finished watching the series here in NZ I felt compeled to write about the disaster the series was ! And I was worried that it might look just like Aussie-bashing… but I’m glad to notice the very similar comments posted by locals above !
    This would have to be the worst Amazing Race I’ve ever watched, considering the many American ones there have been. How could Tom & Tyler not win when they were obviously the strongest team ? And they barely got a thing for winning nearly every leg ! So it rewarded mediocrity by allowing teams who finish there or thereabouts to continue to the Final and knock out the stongest team with that stupid UTurn !
    Every flight leg had all teams on the same ‘plane so any advantage was lost.. distances travelled was hardly large so it was just a foot-race from the gate to see who could get the first taxi !
    If I was either Tom or Tyler I’d be…

  2. It was a shame the ‘race around the world’ only went to a portion of the world (so many episodes in Africa – but this is often the case on this show).I still wonder why the insufferable Sid & Ash didn’t have to return and complete that dumpling challenge in the first(?) episode when they stole one from the nuns (the challenge was to *make* 50 dumplings, they made 49 and stole one). The other big production mistake was obviously the U-Turn that eliminated Tom and Tyler – surely channel 10 will be offering them something to get them on TV though. I didn’t care for the host but our household will miss making fun of his pronounciation each week (The Amayzing Rayce Awstrayleah…). Oh god, and no more ‘bring it in’ and the hugs please.

  3. It was a very enjoyable [and rare] finale where each team was in the lead at some point, upping the tension. I was hoping for a Team Teeny win but all three teams were likeable [exemplified by their group “good luck” hug at Bangkok airport] and any win would have made for a good storyline.

    Beau Ryan, on the other hand, was unbearable and certainly put the Beau in bogan. What is it with Aussie TV execs thinking former footy players are “talent” off the field? Maybe with a less punishing timeframe before the next season they can look around for someone – anyone – better.

  4. I enjoyed the series but I personally feel it was a bit mediocre compared to the 7 iteration. The number of countries visited was too low (1 country per leg/other than maybe 1 or 2 instances is what I would prefer), the challenges were not very big and looked very cheap and also there were hardly any prizes for the winners of the lega, no express pass? And there were too many instances where the teams were all on the same flight and all caught up to each other. Casting was good but I feel it focused too much on the teams as minority groups members rather than their personalities and how they work as a team.

  5. Really enjoyed the show. Production quality was great! Next season please show the times each team depart and arrive pitstops and tasks so we know how far ahead and behind they are. Teams voting who to U Turn at such a late stage was not a good move as it became a popularity contest.

    • Really? I though that was Sid and Ash. Or did you mean the final 3. I loved their positive attitude and they played their own race without breaking alliances!

  6. Disappointed with the ending.
    Felt that Tom and Tyler were extremely hard done by with the ridiculous u turn concept at that late stage of the show….wouldn’t bother watching another season unless they scrap that!

  7. While it was a nice season up to the second last leg, the producers have a lot to learn about how to do the show properly. So many essential elements that make the race so good were changed or dropped, and the lack of money was so evident. And, the voting u-turn at the end was just a travesty.

    Thankfully a US version is showing on Saturday afternoons, and viewers can cleanse their palate on how it should be done.

    I expect a big drop off next year, as many long-time fans boycotted the finale, and will not come back.

  8. Tom and Tyler were actually the first team to the uturn. They finished the previous challenge before anyone else. The decision to have the vote completely changed the end result of that leg of the race. If we had of followed suit with the American version Tom and Tyler would have had the opportunity to uturn one of the other teams and therefore avoided being uturned themselves. I didn’t agree with the implementation of the voting to uturn, especially as it was the last leg before the final 3. I really enjoyed this series being a fan of the us version but didn’t agree with the teams getting to vote. It basically penalizes the team who the others felt were their biggest threat.

  9. I thought 7’s version of TARA was as good as we could get but once again 10 have absolutely nailed a version of an international franchise with terrific production values, great casting and still making it feel like “our own”. With Tim & Rod winning, I couldn’t help but think back to the first US season when another gay couple Chip and Reichen won. I would’ve been happy with any of the top four teams winning to be honest. And Beau Ryan surprised me by being a really enthusiastic host who fit his role in a very different way to Phil Keoghan. I ended up loving the boofhead. Great job all round. Really hope for a second serve soon.

    • As u maybe aware a casting is already out for the next season. Looking on the website, u need to be available for filming for 5 weeks in June and July next year, so most likely will air the same time as this year.

  10. Enjoyed the series, as weird as Beau’s “bring it in” hugs were at the beginning it was obviously part of his personality and good to see rather than a cardboard cutout host. Cudos for the diversity casting but ultimately it was the biggest failure of the show as many of the teams just weren’t skilled racers / game players. Tom and Tyler were so dominant and the producers had to throw in the penultimate episode U-turn to unseat them. Hopefully next series they cast some more competitive teams rather than trying to tick every box.

  11. While I had my doubts about this season, it turned out to be really well produced – I even tolerated Beau as host week by week. Very pleased for Tim and Rod’s win, but actually I would have been happy if any of the final four teams had won, they were all very deserving and played the game fairly. I’ll be back for next season, the one thing I would like to see is 60min episodes not 65-77mins.

  12. Congrats to Tim and Rod!

    Hopefully 10 will improve on the number of countries they’re visiting and the editing of the show next year, but otherwise, I’m certainly going to be watching in 2020! Can’t wait to see casting next year and if it will be as diverse as this season has been.

  13. Just for once it would be great to really enjoy a show without some sort of controversy at the end. If Tom and Tyler had won everyone would’ve been screaming unfair because they won just about every leg and were too good for the other contestants. I was really happy for Tim and Rod, they seemed like lovely guys. Actually the last three couples were well matched and good value.

  14. It was a good adaptation. I still don’t like Beau’s hosting, but I became used to it.
    Tim and Rod were my faves and I was so stoked to see them win. They are the definition of couple goals too… they were so lovely with each other the whole time.
    It was pretty thrilling towards the end which 10 would’ve been delighted by. All around, it was a solid production.

  15. The series was pretty good. Was really hoping Vic and Joey would win!!! While the boys coming 4th was abit of an annoyance with all teams voting to U-Turn instead of the traditional whoever gets to the box first it wouldn’t have changed the outcome as Tom and Tyler arrived after other teams anyway, so would’ve been U-Turned anyway.

    Favourite teams were definitely the sisters, Viv and Joey and absolutely loved the oldies, shame he fell off that camel.

    • You make a very good point, which I (and many social media keyboard warriors) hadn’t thought of…that as Tom and Tyler weren’t first at the U-Turn they would have been U-Turned anyway. I don’t like that they had a U-Turn at all on the penultimate leg but I don’t make the rules.

    • Yes, would have loved Vic and Joey to win.So tiny and determined and such a lovely supportive brother/sister bond. Would have been so sweet to see the underdogs come through in the end. But realistically, the footy lads and Tim and Rod were by far the strongest teams..

  16. So happy for them especially since they had a double u turn earlier on the show and handled that well. Tom & Tyler Got a double u turn and crumbled and spat the dummy. It’s a race/game and an alliance can never be fully trusted, especially when you win 8 legs. Tim and Rod played their race and played well, improving leg after leg. And entertaining to watch too with funny comments. Great finale.

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