10 & Seven in stoush over ratings

The TV ratings season doesn’t begin until February 9 but things are already heating up.

Seven and 10 are trading blows on social media.

So who is right and who is wrong?

Newsflash both are correct, but it’s all about the way you spin it….

Big Bash League national numbers are for Reach, which counts viewers who watched 5 minutes or more.

In the Overnight numbers I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is an average of viewers for the majority of the show (and sometimes a second number for the Elimination element, which is naturally higher).

That stacks against a BBL session which may also be coded into separate Game and Post Game sections. BBL also screens on more nights than I’m a Celebrity, meaning a Reach number can go higher.

Meanwhile Nine is only just cranking things up with the Australian Open which traditionally increases as it inches towards the Men’s Final.

Let the games begin!


  1. Nothing to see here. TV ratings are a relic of a bygone era when advertisers were desperate to buy the eyeballs of a million plus viewers each evening. Fast forward to the twenty-first century and we have subscription TV, streaming services, Kayo, Facebook, YouTube and a myriad other providers of video content to the masses. Whilst the FTA networks squabble over a few thousand viewers, it’s the millions of viewers that have switched to their online competitors that should be grabbing the attention of their marketing departments..

  2. So, network 7 , the truth teller of the tv industry , states that the BBL is the #1 sport over summer, beating I’m a celeb….. eh umm since when has ” I’m a celeb” been considered a sport. ?

    On top of that, seven are including people who watch for 5 minutes in their numbers… like.. for real? That’d be like the brisbance city council including everyone who passes through the brisbane airport for connecting flights as a resident of brisbane …

  3. Good to see Ch.10 has started the year off with a winner beating both tennis and cricket. Judging by its promotions I don’t think it is going to last which is unfortunate. Now if only the ABC would do the same and keep its A team on over the summer and introduce some decent programming to fill the void. Being non commercial there is absolutely no need for it to wait for the start of the ratings season.

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