TV Tonight turns 13

Today’s date marks 13 years of TV Tonight online.

The site now has 67,000 published posts, and nearly 500,000 comments. My continued thanks for your ongoing loyalty -many of you indicated in site surveys that you visit more than once a day.

Results of the annual TV Tonight Awards will be published this week and soon the Show of the Decade survey.

I had hoped to refresh the site design by now, but I’ll be honest, while progress was made in this area it just wasn’t the right look. So I threw it all out and am back to square one! It’s been frustrating… if anyone knows a good designer experienced with content-driven sites, hit me up via the Contact page?

Once again the past 12 months has been a who’s who of stars, CEOs, execs, writers, directors, producers  & crew -and that’s not including red carpet chats.

Here are the interviews which featured in 2019:

Adam Liaw
Adam Zwar
Adrian Swift
Alan Fletcher
Alexander England
Alistair McKinnon
Amanda Keller
Andrew MacFarlane
Andy Lee
Angela Bishop
Angus Ross
Annie Maynard
Ben Nguyen
Ben Steel
Benjamin Law
Bernard Curry
Brian Walsh
Brooke Satchwell
Carrie Bickmore
Christopher Knight
Costa Georgiadis
Craig McPherson
Craig Revel Horwood
David Mott
Dan Wyllie
Daniel Monaghan
David de Lautour
David McDonald
Deborah Mailman
Diana Rouvas
Doris Younane
Dustin Clare
Eden Gaha
Essie Davis
Eve Morey
Farhad Massoudi
Gabriel Gate
Georgina Haig
Geraldine Hakewill
Glenn Freeman
Grant Denyer
Hamish Blake
Hamish Turner
Hannah Hollis
Harley Breen
Harriet Dyer
Heather Ewart
Ian Somerhalder
Isabella Giovinazzo
Jackie Woodburne
Jacqui Brennan
Jane Edmanson
Jane Hall
Jason Stephens
Jennifer Byrne
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor
Jessica Tovey
Joe Herdman
Joel Jackson
John Howard
Judith Lucy
Julia Morris
Julie Ward
Kat Stewart
Katrina Milosevic
Kerensa Samanidis
Kyle Sandilands
Lachy Hulme
Louise Fox
Madeleine West
Manu Fieldel
Matt Campbell
Max Uechtritz
Michael Carrington
Michael Cordell
Miguel Maestre
Mike Sneesby
Osher Gunsberg
Patrick Delany
Paul Clarke
Pia Miranda
Pino Amenta
Rarriwuy Hick
Rebecca Gibney
Rodger Corser
Ron Iddles
Roz Hammond
Roy Joseph
Russel Howcroft
Ryan McNaught
Ryan Chamley
Sam Mac
Sam Simmons
Sandra Sully
Sarah Kendall
Sigrid Thornton
Simon Townsend
Stephen Peacocke
Thomas Woodgate
Tim Minchin
Todd Sampson
Tom Gleeson
Tony Jones
Ugly Dave Gray
Val Lehman
Waleed Aly
Zoe Terakes

Hiatus will conclude in coming weeks ahead of official ratings return.

Stay safe all!



  1. Congrats, David! Looking at that list of interviews, it seems staggering that you found the time for all of that, along with all of the other work that goes into this site…have a great 2020!

  2. Oh my goodness, it feels like yesterday TVT was celebrating its 10th year!! Congrats on making the bratty teens… I love this site not only for all the content you have DK, but I love seeing the thoughts and reactions online and if anyone is thinking the same. Such great escapism!

  3. Happy belated birthday. Got caught up yesterday morning watching the bushfire coverage on the ABC! At least I was watching TV ? Thank you for investing in such an informative site. My go to every morning and maybe even afternoon ?

  4. Congrats David. Well done on your 13 years.
    Yep I’m one of many who check in a few times a day. I never forget the Murdoch led years at 10 when there was news breaking every time I checked. Most of it bad news. Thankfully things are more positive nowadays. Love your work David especially when a big story breaks.

  5. Happy Birthday TV Tonight! Avid TV people and the like are privileged to have a website and journalism like yours, I for one constantly remember that, especially the features TVT offers that others don’t and at certain times/days of the week too 🙂

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