Airdate: Pooch Perfect

New Seven series Pooch Perfect now has a launch date of Thursday February 27.

Seven is yet to confirm the timeslot but you can put money on 7:30pm.

Join host Rebel Wilson and enter a wonderful world of imagination where man’s best friend can become anything as 10 professional pet stylists compete for the title of Australia’s Greatest Pet Stylist and $100,000 in prize money…


  1. When does Home and Away start airing their double and triple episodes on Thursdays (as this was the case in previous years?).

    Am surprised to see Pooch Perfect being on Thursday nights, if the AFL starts in a few weeks time.

  2. One thought could be 7’s strategy is to expose PP to the most eyeballs, hoping it get the upper foot on the average alternatives on 9 and 10 on Thursdays

    If it launches well in ratings and on social media, they are then ready quickly promote it to 7pm Sundays to replace the sinking MKR ship on at least one night a week

    Better than hoping for the best launching it directly against MAFS when it would make little impact and risk very few trying it out

  3. Not a great vote of confidence in Pooch Perfect is it …taking it out of harm’s way to the relatively safe harbour and low numbers of Thursday nights —I thought it was meant to go up against the big gun reality shows ?
    Forgive me – but perhaps it’s just a dog of a show ?

  4. Angus Ross previously said Pooch Perfect was meant to be an “antidote to the harder-edge reality it’s going to be competing against”. Is it competing against any on Thursday? Looks like its been scheduled there because of poor quality given Seven clearly intended to put up head to head against reality.

  5. It wont stay in this timeslot more than 3 weeks – 19 March when AFL comes back on Thursdays this show will be moved somewhere else in the schedule (if it rates)

  6. A truly bizarre career move for Rebel Wilson given that she has become a big cheese in Hollywood. As long as she was returning to work on a local project (and a non-drama one at that), couldn’t she have reprised her role as Toula in the Fat Pizza reboot for Seven as well? (Bilgiç was also conspicuously absent, which I also found baffling as he isn’t exactly a hot property) It would have been nice to see her again in the role that put her on the proverbial map, and perhaps even encourage Seven to air the show on their main channel thanks to Wilson’s star power.

    I’m also curious if Wilson was offered a handsome paycheck to lure her into Pooch Perfect. Either way, it seems that it’s a passion project for her, though it is quite bizarre seeing her acting as a presenter as I think she works better as a bit player who steals the scene as opposed to being the main attraction.

  7. The un-performing night of 7s week! be interesting to see how it rates. Would have thought a 6.30 or 7pm Sunday night would have been a better option.

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