Australian Open wins TV battle over Celebrity, MKR.

Ratings: Djokovic v Thiem pulls 1.52m viewers with MKR landing third behind I'm a Celebrity finale.

The Australian Open Men’s Final pulled 1.52m viewers to top the ratings last night.

The win by Novak Djokovic was down slightly on 2019’s final of 1.59m, but still delivered Nine a huge share 45.9% share. The presentation averaged 962,000.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here averaged 803,000 viewers for the bulk of its finale, rising to 884,000 for the moment Miguel Maestre was crowned as winner.

My Kitchen Rules was third in the battle at 498,000 viewers. That was the lowest ever launch for the series, down considerably from 816,000 last year. But it was a gamble for Seven to launch the show against the Men’s Final this year.

Tonight is the real test for all networks with the return of Married at First Sight and Australian Survivor.

Elsewhere Insiders returned to 292,000.

Full ratings analysis resumes next week.

This post updates.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 2 February 2020

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  1. Awesome news & Ratings for Nine’s Tennis coverage, the Australian Open. Fantastic to see it won easily, absolutely Smashing all the other shows..

    Though I do predict also MAFS will win this ratings battle coming up now then Australian Survivor will come behind in 2nd and MKR will come last 3rd in the commercial networks.

    But so happy the Australian Open Tennis rated very well. Woohoo….!!

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but PoO isn’t MKR brand related?
      I think Seven will keep an eye on the ratings regarding Rivals, because I think PoO is a really bad move at this delicate time for cooking shows…

  2. Like kadacki said, I too gasped reading the figure for MKR. Removing the instant restaurant rounds at contestants’ homes was a dumb move. That was about the only reason I bothered to tune it (I usually lost interest when it went to headquarters.) But the bad ratings make me fear that channel 7 bosses will take it to mean they need even more dating shows!

  3. If people are saying MKR is trash, then they are obviously psychologically deluded if they think MAFS is any better. Seeing it get so glorified and Nine get so arrogant with such contrived rubbish makes me want to vomit. MAFS thoroughly deserves similar ratings to MKR. If it gets similar ratings to last year, it tells me many Australians are mentally unwell to say the least. Everyone join me and #BoycottMAFS

  4. I’m shocked by those MKR ratings…but I’m sure no one is more shocked than Seven. With three reality shows competing tonight, rather than just the two in MKR & I’m A Celebrity, the signs aren’t great for any recovery. Wonder how Seven spun these ratings??

  5. Why would MKR give up the most popular part of every series – the instant restaurant round? My favourite part of the show was where they would go around to each other’s homes to cook in their own kitchen. Now its going to be the same venue night after night. As a longtime MKR fan, this is the first time I’m seriously considering giving up watching it this year – and given the ratings I may not be the only one

  6. I loved MKR but a few seasons in I noticed the tired formula of ‘villain couple’ up against ‘good Aussie blokes/shelias’ had become too obvious. I also read that some contestants were having houses rented for them and meals planned by a cooking team. Not sure how accurate that is but Evans did some damage with his ‘sugar is a toxin’ BS and broth baby scandal and so I’m done (basically dropped out last season after the home visits).

    I’ll give Survivor a go again – but why so many nights? Just do the 1 hour per week like the US version. Aussies aren’t that more interesting than the americans to justify stringing it out.

  7. there was nothing enticing about the MKR promos. stark contract to the high quality promos ten has for survivor. What was the point of the “rivals” theme if they weren’t going to invest in decent publicity?

    there are posts made by the facebook page that had some great one liners from the contestants especially sophia. why werent they used in on air promos?

  8. Would love to see Survivor crack the magic mil tonight but with MAFS(hate it but cant deny its popularity) ill be happy to see it between 700-800k viewers and i think so would 10. MKR is dead. no coming back from that launch, regardless of the tennis(would say MAFS has more audience crossover than tennis) if it had launched tonight i still think it would of got the same or worse result.

  9. Wow that’s so low for mkr! I only just watched it now from recording it last night and I enjoyed it.
    Tonight is going to be interesting. I don’t watch’s MAFS but interesting to know if survivor will bet everything else.

  10. The tennis was truly great last night. Pity Dominic Thiem did not win. However he won the heart of audience with his speech. Such a humble and likable person. Congratulations to all those involved for such a wonderful telecast. Back to normal tonight. ABC all the way with Back Roads, Four Corners and Q & A with Hamish Macdonald.

  11. You know those little expiry dates you see on food in supermarkets ? Well if someone at Seven looks on the top of the MKR episodes it reads “Best before 09/07/2018”
    This show has well and truly expired…unfortunately Seven thought it could just keep re-heating it every year and nobody would notice.

    1. best summary i’ve read here on this 😀 ….i’ve been a casual fan of the show in the past depending mostly on if i find the contestants interesting, and this lot seem to be either unenthusiastic & tired, or just plain fake. Seven need to bring something new to the show quick smart, from what i know though they already filmed the whole series ahead of airing? so too late then

  12. FYI – I stumbled across the first edition of Landline for 2020 yesterday (not a usual viewer) and It was outstanding. Non-sensationalist, real-life reports from a few regions gutted by the recent bushfires. Nice to see in depth reports rather than 90 second stories, with emotional and inspiring interviews with many who have lost so much. I urge everyone to take the time to watch on iview to get an idea what these people have been through and is ahead of them for the next 5-10 years as they try and rebuild their lives.

  13. Very interesting! I have never liked MKR for all these years it’s never been about the food always about the drama and now from the commercials about the chefs?? There’s definitely better tv to watch out there than MKR… Yes very low numbers for a launch, I think the show has reached it’s used by date.

  14. MKR is unfortunately a tired show not helped by the unlikeability of Pete Evans.

    MAFS really scrapes the bottom of the TV barrel and promotes the worst of human behaviour under the guise of “entertainment”. In an age where there is so much incredible scripted / non-scripted content available and accessible why do Australians continue to settle for trash like MAFS?

  15. Great news for 10! I personally don’t watch I’m A Celeb but good on 10. They would be happy with those results especially against 9. Miguel is a very likeable fellow perhaps adding to the result.
    Looking forward to AS tonight and hope local fans favour this over MAFS. I predict MAFS will come out on top but AS has built its reputation and is a good contrast to the love rubbish that attracts some viewers

  16. Was such a great game last night, congrats to Novak for a historic 8th win!

    Ouch for MKR – not surprising however given it’s competition, but I do think it will struggle to rate above 600/700k this season especially up against MAFS and Australian Survivor. How long until we get a scripted scrag fight or cheating scandal that “rocks the MKR house like never before”?

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