When MKR thought it was MAFS, babes.

So babes last night when Sophie and Romel were going to smash it in the MKR kitchen everything went pearshaped at the dinner table.

Seriously babes this turned batshit crazy and it like totally made MAFS look like a garden party.

OMFG. It was like World War 3 when Roula confronted Ben and Lauren over them two “falling asleep” on each other on the couch. Shit just got real!

And then when Lauren turned on Kerry & Kaylene, accusing her of spilling her dirty little secrets, it was n-e-x-t- l-e-v-e-l. They smashed it back, babes.

Talk about a two-faced b***h.

And then Roula stormed off  in tears…. but where were Pete & Colin during it all, babes? Off camera the whole time, smashing it in their dressing room.

Cooking at First Sight! Boom.


  1. I watched it and wowsers. What a nasty group this is! I didn’t see any cooking and even if there was, it would have been a blink and miss it. I thought this was a cooking show, not a cheap version of MAFS!

  2. Yikes. I didn’t watch it, but this is just sad and desperate. And it comes only days after another Colin Fassnidge interview where he talked about viewers losing interest after the Sonya/Hadil debacle, and stating that this new season was nothing like that.

    Is he even watching the show he’s featuring in, lol?

  3. Hold on wasn’t 9 the ones that copied the whole dinner parties from MKR in the first place so why does 7 get the blame I get it for the drama but come on

  4. Love the article!! Lol

    Look at the faces of some of the old contestants they are like “get me out of here”. Poor dan and steph lol. Its not about cooking anymore. This reeks of desperation IMO.

    RIP MKR.

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