Amazing Race Australia seeks advice on safe route

10 is looking at how racers & crew will be kept safe as coronavirus grips the globe.

Will production on The Amazing Race Australia proceed amid fears of the Coronavirus epidemic?

That’s the question facing 10 after CBS halted production on its international edition last week.

The precautionary measure was taken with the health and well-being of the Racers and the production team remaining a top priority.

A second season of The Amazing Race Australia is due on 10 later this year, produced by Eureka Productions.

“We are seeking advice to determine the international route for the upcoming season of The Amazing Race Australia, ahead of the start of production in June 2020,” a 10 spokesperson told TV Tonight.

“The welfare of cast and crew is of the upmost importance and all necessary measures will be taken to ensure their protection.”

But knowing which countries are safe from June onwards will be a tough call. Last year the show visited South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

It also isn’t clear if CBS would allow an Australian edition to proceed while it suspends its own, however that’s a decision probably to be made closer to production.

Eureka has been contacted for comment.

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  1. lol you brought back some bad memories of the first attempt of an Australian survivor filmed in that dreadful South Australian location that only just resembled the US version. It was such an embarrassment.

  2. I actually disagree with an all-Oz itinerary. The show has always been about seeing contestants in culture clashes, whether learning new customs and traditions, or proving to be completely ignorant. This aside, there’s presumably no guarantee of safety in running around Oz sites by June anyway. Big Brother house might be the safest TV place there is!

    1. Agree. Would be better to cancel it for the year then do what could be seen as a half arsed version that could damage the brand long term. Not that the idea of helping bushfire affected communities doesn’t have merit….

  3. How about for this year……The Australian Amazing Race.
    Travel to drought, fire effected and other regions doing it hard. Make it truly Australian and circumnavigate the entire country with stops in regional towns. Money spent on oversea air travel could be spent locally. Challenges could include building an online marketing campaign for bringing tourists back to a region, rebuilding playgrounds and other things to help the local community….maybe someone more creative can come up with better ideas. Air it towards the end of the year in time for the summer holidays.

    1. Great idea but with Australia heading into colder temperatures in the southern states maybe Australia won’t be so immune from the virus either while the Northern Hemisphere is heading into warmer temperatures.
      You just never know

    2. While some versions of TAR do that (a race around their territory as opposed to a race around the world), I don’t think it would be a hit with viewers …, the original Aus Survivor was a flop for being a low-budget mess produced in SA.

      While the positive intention is there, any TARAus that doesn’t resemble the American show will be looked down upon by the Australian public,

      1. Low budget mess, agree with previous local attempt but it doesn’t mean it will be repeated….Ten have done amazing production recently with Survivor and Dancing with the stars……if the quality is there, it should help….and otherwise Ten will have a gap in programming

        1. I don’t think it would be a low budget mess (I called the OG Aus Survivor a low budget mess). I’m sure ten & Eureka can produce a high quality Australia centric TAR, but it would immediately be looked down upon because of the history of poor adaptions like the OG Aus Survivor.

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