Georgina Haig replaces Jessica Marais on Rafters revival

Production is underway on Rafters revival for Amazon Prime.

Actress Georgina Haig (Secret Bridesmaids Business, Once Upon a Time, Dance Academy) is replacing Jessica Marais as Rachel Rafter in the revival of Packed to the Rafters for Amazon Prime.

Marais pulled out of Back to the Rafters recently, citing personal reasons.

The new series sees the return of Rebecca Gibney, Erik Thomson, Hugh Sheridan, Angus McLaren, Michael Caton and George Houvardas and features HaiHa Le, Libby Tanner, Rose Riley, Aaron McGrath, Bruce Spence and introducing Willow Speers and Kaspar Frost.

Amazon Prime confirmed the revival as its first Australian scripted series last year to complement the back catalogue rights it signed from Seven.

Back to the Rafters picks up six years since we last saw the Rafter family. Dave and Julie have created a new life in the country with youngest daughter Ruby, while the older Rafter children face new challenges and Grandpa Ted struggles to find his place. As Dave enjoys his new found freedom, Julie must reconcile her responsibilities to the family. They might not be under the same roof, but the same honesty, love and laughter bonds them more tightly now than ever before.

Commissioned by Amazon Studios and produced by Seven Studios, Back to the Rafters lead Writer is Creator Bevan Lee, with Julie McGauran as Executive Producer and Chris Martin-Jones as Series Producer.

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  1. Georgina Haig is a pretty good choice (was good as Elsa in Once Upon A Time) and I am sure it will go well and given Amazon Prime has all of Blue Heelers on there I wouldn’t be surprised to see them as the ones to have the rumoured Blue Heelers revival as well.

    Actually makes me wonder if Amazon Prime will end emerging as the one to bu Seven Studios (Seven Studios UK and 7Beyond in the US) and not ITV Studios, Disney orComcast’s NBC Universal, as I actually discovered the other day that the first 2 seasons of Home and Away are on Amazon Prime UK (as are 6 Seasons of Packed To The Rafters).

      1. Yeah I noticed that and it’s still good, heaps of Australian shows and movies on there (watched A Death In Brunswick the other night) just wish they’d make there search a little easier to use or throw in an Australian Category. It’s divided into Sci-Fi, Drama, Thrillers etc., if they Put Australian in there when people sign up and do the free trial it would be so much easier to notice that it is now, also noticed a A Place To Call Home has 6 seasons on Amazon Prime USA.

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