Auditions: Junior MasterChef

10 has announced surprise auditions for Junior MasterChef –returning to screens after two seasons in 2010 and 2011.

While the revamped MasterChef series has been well received by viewers, 10 has halted production on The Bachelor, Australian Survivor and hopes to film The Amazing Race in domestic destinations. The Bachelorette and The Masked Singer are also yet to begin filming.

A 10 spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We are always looking for content that will engage our under 50s audience and complement our existing schedule. Australians of all ages, including children, are spending more time in the kitchen. Junior MasterChef Australia is a great way to showcase the best and brightest young cooks and their love of, and passion for, food.

“The previous two seasons of Junior MasterChef Australia were hugely popular and a joy to watch.

“It is also important for us that we ensure the continuity of employment for our production partners. The industry must remain in as strong a shape as possible so we can continue to produce great local content and keep our audiences entertained and connected.”

Aspirant young cooks must be aged between 9 and 14 years.

You can apply here.


  1. Can’t wait, loved loved loved when it was on. Kids are so open and cute and animated. What you see is what you get. Very entertaining. Agree, Anna is great with kids (or even Hamish, not that he knows much about food but he could try to get up to speed!)

  2. Here’s a question for any MC producers who happen to be reading : Whilst the lineage of adult MC contestants who have gone on to enjoy admiral success is extensive, how many of the MC Juniors from the first two seasons have grown up to be adults with a burgeoning culinary career? If there are any success stories, that would be the hook to draw people in for a new season.

  3. Firstly, how can they film this show with COVID-19 social distancing in place and set to continue for months to come. Secondly, we don’t need any more cooking shows. Fatigue is already setting in after just 3 weeks of Masterchef at 5 nights per week. That’s why the ratings are already starting to fall away.

    • The show has continued to film through restrictions in line with govt regulations. I posted on this recently here. Television production can continue like many businesses by observing strict rules. Ratings are ‘down’ a little I suspect due to Lego as competition -they are actually very good. Your other point is a fair observation, but I guess networks have limited options.

  4. I’d rather see a Professional Masterchef series then the kids, you often read ‘real’ chefs criticism of the home cooks and their speedy progression in the Industry. These home cooks put in enormous amounts of time to get to the level they get to and to put it in a reality series shows the commitment.

  5. I agree with the comments about another version of MC in a year being overkill and can damage the main brand. They could possibly get away with a condensed mini version that goes for approx 3 weeks but that would be about it. I’m already finding a lot of the current nightly episodes to be too long by stretching past 90 mins.

  6. M’eh. I’m loving the current season and am already looking forward to seeing the new judges with all new contestants but a kids version is a total switch off for me.

  7. If i recall correctly the executives at the time blamed the masterchef spinoffs, especially junior MC, for killing masterchef in 2012-13. And axing the spinoffs was their hail mary move to justify not axing the whole masterchef brand at the end on 2013. Hope they know what they are doing here and its not a case of short memories. Overexposure can easily kill the golden goose.

  8. Given this came up so unexpectedly and suddenly I did wonder if this was something cooked up to address one of the many holes in Ten’s upcoming schedule. Not a bad idea.

  9. This is good move by 10. A show like this is needed to encourage more home cooking and good way of getting kids engaging in the process.

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