Doctor Doctor moves to 7:30pm

Well this is rare… remember when Dramas used to screen at 7:30?

When Doctor Doctor returns to Wednesdays next week, it will screen at 7:30pm.

This comes about due to a unique situation of Lego Masters screening Sunday – Tuesdays, and recent changes in classification which see M classified material allowed from 7:30pm.

Nine will also replay this season’s first 6 episodes in a marathon from 7:30pm Saturday.



  1. Yep. How rare and what a treat. 2000s and even a lot of 90s, most dramas were “M” (Heelers, Saints, Rafters) and sent to 8:30pm minimum start!

  2. I think this is a good thing and hope the ratings reflect it. Doctor Doctor might not be my cup of tea but the three commercial networks here in Australia constantly pushing the reality nonsense at 7:30 which then pushes drama further back into the evening has possibly turned viewers away, especially Aussie drama, which many here on this site constantly cry out for. David perhaps a follow up on this story might be a good thing, that is comparing the ratings when Doctor Doctor aired in its previous time slot.

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