Giving away TV prizes in the age of social distancing

Normally Breakfast Television would make a very big deal about giving away a prize as big as a house.

Hosts would be on location, there would be crowds, sponsors, balloons and kissing babies (not really!).

But in this age of COVID-19 things took a very modest turn when Today gave away their biggest-ever prize: a house and land package valued at over $590,000 in Mickleham, 45 mins north of Melbourne’s CBD.

Under current conditions, Karl & Ally had to announce the winner from their Sydney studio while all the finalists were Skyping it in from their various homes (I have no idea why the need for a security guard).

The lucky winner was graphic designer Ella Fenton from Melbourne, who borrowed a few Hollywood movies to help make a winning video entry.

The runners-up, who all smiled politely at their loss, get $5000 each.

By the end of it all Karl & Ally were so enthused they had forgotten to remain 1.5m apart.

Strange times, indeed….

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