Goggleboxers self-isolating as extra precaution

Even sitting on the couch to watch TV comes with changes during COVID-19.

Gogglebox has made more adjustments to its production shoot during the coronarvirus pandemic.

Last night Jad had to view shows with Matty & Sarah Marie through the safety of a laptop on his chair. This is so he doesn’t put baby Malik at any risk -bulldog Bane will doubtless miss him.

The Foxtel / 10 show has already seen 91 year old Emily staying at home while daughter Kerry, and granddaughter Isabelle, remain in weekly episodes.

Seniors Mick & Di are now self-isolating and out of the series for remaining episodes, in order to keep them separate from skeleton crews.

“It’s only because of our age,” Di said. “Gogglebox is still going on, but because we’re in our 70s, we’re technically at higher risk. But hello, realistically, Mick and I are probably healthier than people half our age!”

“Even more than a lot of 50-year-olds,” Mick joked. “We definitely feel discriminated against,” he laughs.

The Endemol Shine Australia show, which has a handful of remaining episodes this season, is largely comprised of housemates and families which fall within social distancing guidelines.

Producers have already been nimble in using remote cameras and reduced production staff for remaining episodes.

And cast have been directly impacted by the pandemic.

Jad has closed down his restaurant, Sarah Marie’s beauty company has come to a halt and single mum Isabelle is self-isolating alone while her 4 year old is living with his father.

“Thank god for FaceTime,” she said. “But it’s got me thinking about those families who split their kids between two households — how hard it is and what it could mean for a future lockdown.”

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  1. It was a nice touch to air the little voice snippet of Mick and Di. Also loved hearing from Emmy via the phone again. Show is a great distraction from everything. Keep up the good work all.

  2. I have to agree..of the 3 new teams only the young blokes are entertaining for me..the young girls are very annoying and the new family are pretty boring. I think mick and di were sadly missed last night. I think the old teams that left last year have left a big hole.

      1. Wife Stacey, Husband Grant and i think they had 7 kids ..The eldest son had left home as he and his partner had become parents. And the youngest was about 4 or 5 i think. I think they only had one daughter. They were a lovely family.

  3. There was something off about this weeks’ episode outside of the missing cast members. The extreme (over)reactions while watching MAFS had me changing the channel for the first time. I understand the show is extremely popular for whatever reason, but I hope next year they give MAFS a rest and watch something different.

  4. The current UK season hasn’t had to make many adjustments, there has been a quiet departure of the two elderly ladies after a couple of episodes, however they remain in the opening scenes each week. Hopefully they’ll return next season.

    1. I love the fact with the UK version they have set up cameras and the families can continue to shoot gogglebox with no issue if they all live under the one house. In the UK there were complaints about Lee and Jenny (two friends who live apart) were still shooting together until it came out that they are living together to continue shooting.

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