Luke McGregor joins The Weekly

Luke McGregor is joining The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, which returns to screens in two week’s time.

McGregor, who joins host Charlie Pickering, Judith Lucy, Tom Gleeson & Adam Briggs, has finally found a use for his Economics degree. With the economy falling apart, a press release notes, ‘no one is better placed to guide us through these anxious times than a deeply anxious comedian with an enduring passion for graphs. Prepare to watch an adult man apologise to a virus while willing a curve to flatten.’

“I’m really excited to join The Weekly team. One, because I’m a fan of the show; and two, because I’m at home self-isolating with nothing to do and this gives me a reason to shower,” McGregor said.

Charlie Pickering added, “After being bullied for five years by a Logie-winning red-headed comedian with an out of control ego, I’m very happy to be joined by a Logie-winning red-headed comedian with no ego at all. I’m even happier that he’s one of my favourite comedians in the country.”

The show will still film at ABC’s Melbourne studio, sans audience.

Production Credit: A Thinkative Television production in association with ABC TV. Executive Producers: Kevin Whyte, Charlie Pickering and Chris Walker. Co-Executive Producer: Jo Long. ABC Executive Producer: Tarni James.

Wednesday 29 April at 8:30pm on ABC.


  1. Smug? You’re all nuts none of them are smug sure Gleason is but I wouldn’t even call it smug it’s just his style and I live it and love Luke McGreggor as for Judith yeah she’s hit and miss but I don’t hate her. Gees guys fine don’t watch one of the best shows in tv it’s your loss. And I actually hate all these shows going on without audiences. As someone whose been in the audience for both Pickering and Mad as Hell I can say how exciting it is to be there at these live shows, it’s so sad and challenging for them and us not to have that interaction.

  2. I’ve never missed an episode yet I am also one of its harshest critics. I’m not thrilled about Luke’s addition but he surely can’t be worse than Briggs, who hasn’t found his rhythm in three whole seasons. Charlie has the potential to be a great interviewer but he drops the ball almost every time. They’re always so rehearsed and his fake laughter is painful. Marc Fennell is the only celebrity interviewer worth watching now that Denton is off the air again.

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