Pilot Week out, Amazing Race Australia on hold.

10 has been forced to call off its third Pilot Week due to the production shutdown caused by coronavirus impact.

The third week of new originals was due in coming months, although no dates had been set.

A Network 10 spokesperson said: “At this stage we are unable to include Pilot Week 2020 in our program schedule due to the impacts that COVID-19 has had on production companies.

“We are extremely proud of the success Pilot Week has achieved and we hope to bring many more entertaining, innovative and groundbreaking pilots to viewers in 2021.”

It’s a disappointing but understandable outcome given the widespread shutdown.

Meanwhile hopes for The Amazing Race Australia to begin filming in June are also out.

“We continue to monitor domestic flight restrictions as well as social distancing regulations to ensure The Amazing Race Australia can go back into production at the right time,” the spokesperson added.

The series had originally set its sights on international but settled on local destinations. That’s still some way off given Step 1 of recovery is getting underway. TARA requires wide access and interaction by cast and crew.

Fingers crossed it can resume in coming months.


  1. a domestic version of TARA would be a great way for state tourism bodies to promote some of their destinations as restrictions ease and domestic holidaying becomes viable again.

  2. I’m still hopeful we can film in Late 2020 & air in Early 2021!

    Interstate travel (and travel to NZ & Pacific Islands) is possible in Stage Three of the coronavirus recovery. Is it still possible we can film for example in September/October/November/December in 2020, whether that be in Australia or only to NZ & Pacific Islands? (Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, etc)

  3. I’m really upset about Amazing Race not happening this year. But agree, that TARA at the start of 2021 would be a breath of fresh air!

  4. Given the quality of the shows produced for last year’s pilot week I’d be happy to see it never return. It should’ve been obvious during the pitch phase some of those shows were really bad ideas.

  5. Bruce Banner

    I’d rather they keep TARA until 2021 when it can be done right, not having teams only able to travel to 2 or 3 Australian states.

    • I agree! If they have to move I’m A Celebrity a couple of weeks back (in order to use the Australian IAC camp…), it would be exciting to see TARA on with a Summer Jan/Feb audience.

      • If I was 10, I wouldn’t be putting TAR Australia up against the Big Bash cricket tournament on Seven. They could possibly loose a lot of viewers! However, if the Big Bash doesn’t go ahead in 2021-21, then I would certainly put TAR Australia on during the January-February period! I think it could be a ratings blockbuster!

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