Returning: Big Brother

Seven’s rebooted Big Brother series will launch in early June.

The series sees Sonia Kruger return as host in the new-look series produced by Endemol Shine Australia. A $250,000 prize is on offer for the last housemate standing. In the pre-recorded series, housemates will nominate and then evict each other from the house. But viewers will vote for the winner, in a finale that is expected to be a filmed at a later date.

Seven has been drip-feeding identities of some of its 20 housemates to media over the past two weeks.

The latest includes 21 year old videographer Kieran, described as “Adelaide‚Äôs worst driver.”

Updated: Despite publication of a premiere date by Seven sources tell TV Tonight they have not announced the launch.


  1. I want to be optimistic because I enjoy the American version of BB, which has the contestants vote themselves out of the house.

    But the casting is really off (too many washed ups and insta-famous people, not enough of a cross-section of society or competitive players) .. if they get a season 2, the first thing that needs fixing is casting.

  2. Crumbs, it’s not looking good, but I am looking forward to it, anyway. They’ve hit a dud note with every single production choice, like a sort of anti-BB-fan bingo. Who’s their target audience? People who don’t watch Big Brother?!

  3. The first sign of trouble for this re-boot was no Gretel Killeen, then the announcement that it would be all pre-recorded months in advance.

    I predict a string interest due to nostalgia with its Sunday premiere and this re-imagined retail franchise will quickly slide into being the flop of the year.

  4. The promos for this series have not really inspired much excitement to want to watch this. When compared to how good the promos were for other reality shows this year such as Masterchef or The Voice, the Big Brother ones are oddly dull and flat.

  5. I will be curious to see how this goes. Seven have a way of making shows that should appeal to young viewers comes off feeling like they have been made by a group of 60 years old who think they know what the youngsters like. This being produced externally to Seven may go someway to avoiding that. It’s a tough ask though, I’m not sure Seven is even on a lot of younger viewers radars with all the other option.

  6. look, im sure the devoted fans of this show will get something out of it. For me, the show not being Live and the housemates having some form of public profile, takes away from the “neville No body” element, and the excitement of the scandal of it being live or at least turned around in 24 hours, 7 have been able to make sure its PC and PG friendly with the loads of editing and re edits that they have been able to do since the show was shot. I just see this as a version of “Im a celebrity (d grade though) get me out of this Hose, situated in the Urban jungle of Sydney.

    • to TV or not to TV

      Totally agree with you. I’ll predict there’ll be plenty of eyeballs for the first two episodes and then the numbers will quickly fall away thereafter as BB fans will realise, as you say, the show will feel more like Celebrity Get me Out of Here than Big Brother.

  7. Same old wannabes wanting their 5 minutes of fame. With no public voting until the finale I expect this will fail. Plus it will be wall to wall POO promos.

  8. We stop ratings in total for a week either side of the 4 day Easter break, so is the Sunday of a long weekend really the best day to launch this ???

  9. Really interested to see how well it holds up as a pre-recorded series. Guaranteed a ton of the “drama” will be more fabricated than ever.

    Also how will “Adelaide’s worst driver” be played out in the Big Brother house where you’re stuck in the same house for months? Not exactly going out driving anywhere? Haha.

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