Axed: The Daily Edition

Exclusive: Seven cancels arvo show, with Sally Obermeder & Ryan Phelan leaving the network.


The Daily Edition has been cancelled by Seven after 7 years with presenters Sally Obermeder and Ryan Phelan leaving the network.

Seven pointed to ongoing economic pressures as the reason behind the decision. In recent months all advertorial-based shows have been particularly hard hit by the global pandemic, although some have started to see a return to advertising.

Network Director of News and Public Affairs, Craig McPherson, said: “The Daily Edition found its way onto the TV landscape seven years ago and performed exceptionally over that time. Sadly, the economics of today has led to this decision. I want to thank co-hosts Sally Obermeder and Ryan Phelan and the talented production team for all their efforts.”

TV Tonight understands a small number of full-time staff are impacted by the changes, with some redeployed into other roles in news and others -along with casuals- who will be leaving the network.

A final episode will air next Friday June 26.

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  1. Sad to see on-air staff and off-air staff depart the station.

    Curiosity – how has The Daily Edition been rating of late? Must be on the low end? And it is usually up against repeats on Nine and on Ten.

  2. I liked it at the beginning….and I also liked the set…more recent garish incarnations did not please me…like many sets these days….I wonder what happened to the yellow Chihuahuas…I so wanted them.

  3. Sad for the staff but cost cutting I guess everyone will be tightening there belts for the few years.
    I would guess that we will see an updated daytime week time timetable like this:
    0500-0530: 7 News (National)
    0530-0900: Sunrise
    0900-1200: The Morning Show
    1200-1300: 7 News (National)
    1300-1500: Movie
    1500-1600: Chase UK
    1600-1700: 7 News (Local)
    1700-1800: Chase AU

  4. Nothing personal against the hosts and it is always sad to see anyone losing their jobs but hopefully this signals a reduction in news and news styled shows which I believe are in almost plague proportion on free to air tv. The format has slowly been eating away in to the hours that used to be for kids and light entertainment for many many years.

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