Kimmy & Rhi win House Rules 2020

Tasmanian twins take home Seven's $100,000 renovation prize.

Tasmanian twins Kimmy and Rhi have won House Rules taking home the $100,000 prize.

The sisters from Launceston scored 27 points, one point ahead of Victorian plumber couple Kayne and Aimee on 26 points.

Western Sydney best mates Laith and George came third with 25 and Queenslanders Tamara and Rhys scored 24.

“$100,000! It’s ridiculous. We are just two girls from Tassie who thought it would be cool to apply for a TV show and now we win $100,000!” said Kimmy.

“This has literally been the world’s wildest ride!”

The revamp for House Rules with Jamie Durie and co-host Abbey Way was also its lowest season so far. Despite its ambitious Gold Coast launch the show has been regularly beaten by The Voice and MasterChef, and often ABC titles. It even included one team quitting the series after one episode.

But the winners proved popular with their fellow competitors, with Rhys declaring: “They’ve been the benchmark all series.”

Kayne added: “They definitely deserved it. Good on them.”

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  1. Congrats to both of them. It’s a shame that House Rules hasn’t been doing as well as it used to…I think it’ll only be coming back it 7 can’t find anything else to replace it or Jo wants to host again.

  2. Yes very poor end to House Rules this year, no live announcement like with in previous years where viewers had to vote in who they would of liked to win. Also no garden reno to. Hope seven rectify this for next years House Rules. I think Jamie did a good job of hosting. David, do you think House Rules will be back in 2021? I’m hoping so, it was’nt as bad as MKR.

      1. Thanks David, I know its a lot to ask, but that was what was missing in this years Grand Final of House Rules, usually a garden reno takes place or they change a room they did’nt feel was up to scratch, and then a live announcement as the winners are announced with viewers vote.

  3. I knew they where going to win from day one.

    I agree the finale was boring, but then again the whole series was a bit off. It all felt rushed,

    And yes this is the end of house rules, unless they can convince Joh to come back. This and mkr will likely be rested in 2021. Seven managed to destroy both of their big ticket shows. They’ll be hoping big brother can save their train wreck of a year.

  4. Final was boring! Dragged out and it was clear pretty early they were going to win! Kayne and Aimee never had a chance as given a garden to makeover. Nobody had done a garden all season. Its a house decorating contest final not gardening Australia! Rooms were so different and affected by shocking layout of house. Why would you have an entry hall in a tiny house? Judges should have written scores down, not making them up as they go! Scores didn’t match judges comments!

  5. So David do you think this will be the last series? With all the travel involved it’s hard to see then doing it this year unless they do a street full of houses…oh wait then it would be more like another reno show

  6. Half the jackpot and didn’t even get their gardens done. Have they confirmed whether that was always the plan or if they just had to wrap up the series as Covid-19 restrictions came in?

    1. The winner will have to use their $100,000 winnings to do front and back yards, leaving them with precious little.

      The couple that quit in week 1 knew what was coming…

      1. They have to spend the prize money on their gardens do they? And the couple that quit in week one walked away from a good chance to have their house fully renovated with new appliances and white goods etc. They don’t get any points for not being to hack it.

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