MasterChef beats The Voice, Big Brother.

Ratings: Three reality juggernauts locked in battle. Nine wins Sunday.

It was game on last night as 3 reality juggernauts all competed for audiences.

MasterChef Australia emerged as the winner with 945,000-the first time it has topped The Voice this season. It also claimed the demos.

At 924,000 The Voice managed to hold off boisterous newcomer Big Brother on 680,000 (it rose to 695,000 for an eviction) then Grand Designs (495,000 from 7:40pm).

Later 60 Minutes was high at 827,000 then Operation Buffalo (500,000) and FBI: Most Wanted (361,000).

Nine network won Sunday with 32.0% then Seven 25.1%, 10 20.7%, ABC 15.0% and SBS 7.2%.

Nine News was best for Nine at 1.06m while a Late Edition drew 625,000.

Seven News was #1 at 1.15m viewers for Seven. An Avengers movie was 252,000.

The Sunday Project drew 501,000 / 320,000 for 10. 10 News First was 330,000.

ABC News was 671,000 for ABC. Movie: Muriel’s Wedding pulled 197,000 and Compass drew 173,000.

On SBS it was London: 2000 Years Of History (194,000), SBS World News (190,000), and Titanic: The New Evidence (129,000). The Clinton Affair was just 70,000.

Bluey led multichannels with 177,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 14 June 2020.

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  1. The Titanic doco did reasonable numbers for SBS considering that was the 4th time it’s been on in prime time over the last couple of years (watched it again myself)-perhaps it should be renamed ‘the not so new evidence’…

  2. Last night was the worst episode of BB yet, severely let down by the editing pointed out after the very first show. We didn’t even get to see all housemates face their fears. There’s some in there who haven’t had more than five minutes of screen time. Zoe? Shane? Xavier? Casey only featured tonight because she was nominated. Day 8 and we have no idea who they are. And then the cynic in me just refuses to buy into the Chad & Sophie storyline. It feels forced, and even if it is genuine we’re not given a real chance to get invested in them. This is not Big Brother. Call it something else.

    1. I agree on this, I didn’t know who Casey was until last night. Even Dannii I didn’t know her until she did her fear. I’m still not sure who the bearded guy is as he has had no screen time at all really.

    2. As pointed out previously, they have gone down the Survivor route. And I, amongst many others, like it . You can go several weeks on Survivor without seeing much of some players. Everyone will have their chance. The only issue I have is that if they feature a contestant a lot in an episode, it may be their last one. eg. They had to fit all of Soo-Bong’s story into one episode. But they were very clear that not every housemate was doing to have to face their fear, they said only selected ones would. Finally, I like that they didn’t dwell on the Chad/Sophie romance. They mentioned it, that’s enough. This ain’t Woman’s Day.

      1. I somewhat agree, I don’t mind that they’re doing it like this. Obviously for Big Brother I prefer them to do it the old school way, but as a new show itself we don’t mind Survivor doing it so I guess this is no different. My all time favourite survivor player Shonee didnt get a lot of airtime in her original season until episode 8/9. And even so in US survivor Parvati didnt get a lot of airtime until halfway through her second season and has become a legend. This is where the recency effect will show in viewers, people like Casey/Matt/Xavier aren’t shown a lot, however if one of them suddenly has a really villainous evil run in their last 3 episodes in the middle or end of the series then viewers will more than likely remember them being villainous in those 3 episodes than them being quiet at the start.

      2. It actually could bode well for Xavier/Shane/Casey the ones that dont get much air time at the start of a survivor season turn out to be superstars by the end. I recall season 1 winner Kristy barely got a word in for the first three quarters of the season, and more recently Moana barely made a peep before merge.

  3. Interesting the viewers for BB were lower last night, it was easily the best episode this season. Also the social engagement for BB was far higher than MC and Voice combined last night. Not sure why Ch 7 wouldn’t add in episodes for Wed (currently sun to tues) and maximise the investment they made in the show. It would rate higher than America’s Got Talent. Then have AFL Thurs to Sat nights to finish off the week strong.

    1. I guess trying to spread it out to fill into what would have been their Olympic coverage in July, maybe will buy them another week or two of shows, who knows.

  4. Does 10 plan to repeat every episode of Tommy three times in five days? In prime time no less. Expected to see FBI last night when Tommy popped up, yet again. Three times in prime time, possibly even more daytime repeats.

  5. Certainly no BB controversy over who got evicted last night. How good was Angela and how pathetic were the ‘king and queen’? Haha don’t slam the door on your way out !

  6. MC keeps getting better & better. So sad to see Khanh leave but I love the new way they line up to say goodbye to the eliminated contestant. I am waiting for a spin-off with Brendan & Reece with appearances from Khanh

  7. Bit of a shame to see last nights BB rate just ok in terms of ratings – it was peek BB, not only with the House Task being silly & fun but with the power shifting in the game after those nominations & eviction

  8. BB now doing same sort of numbers as House Rules was on Sunday. Expect it to continue its downward spiral tonight – one good cast member out of twenty (Angela). God help them when she goes.

    1. You’re not really comparing apples with apples though. The average age of BB eyeballs would be significantly younger than HR. And those young viewers are where the dollars are.

        1. Good BVOD, but not great right? I mean it’s not Bachelor? Or Love Island, and about a third of MAFS.
          Even MasterChef does about 70k BVOD, so i don;t think the 7 day numbers are going to close a 300,000+ gap there..

          1. For sure, however the reply is in response to it doing as badly as House Rules (not the Voice or Masterchef) which didn’t touch any of the Demographics and certainly not Number 2 in the 16-39 one which is advertising gold.

            Yes BB is 91,000 behind the already running and established Masterchef, however still 2nd is okay after 6 days on air and it is that 91,000 in that demographic that they may pick-up, given eyeballs are split between the two shows in that 16-39. Yes we will see in a couple of weeks when the figures are released if they are choosing to watch MC live and BB on BVOD or on 7Plus, for mine I’d be more likely to watch BB on an iPad/Tablet/Phone than MC as I see that as a bigger screen worthy show.

            Also have to remember that last Sunday the Final of House Rules only picked up 585,000 and didn’t touch any of the demographics top 5, be interested next Sunday though…

  9. I commented before BB began that I had no interest in it, but wished it well. Yet somehow I’ve found myself watching it, and I’m hooked big time. A little disappointed at the High School bully behaviour I’m seeing, but hooked nonetheless. All power to Angela, as cool as a cucumber, and cunning as an outhouse rat, love her to bits 🤗

    1. I wasn’t sure whether I would get into BB, but i’m now hooked too! Yes Angela is great value, hope she sticks around for some time to come and takes down a few more.

    2. Yes agreed Gaz. I didn’t think I could invest in it. But I’m hooked too. At first I couldn’t bear Angela, now she is the drawcard. Very weird 180 for me. Some housemates have had little or no coverage. Xavier and one of the air dropped 4 that came in. Can’t even think of his name. Little impact.

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