Emelia wins MasterChef 2020

Emelia Jackson has won the coveted title of MasterChef Australia: Back to Win.

She defeated close friend Laura Sharrad for the trophy and a $250,000 prize.

The grand final saw the pair serve up a three course meal, of their own choosing, for the judges and former contestants as diners.

Back as dining guests were such faces as Poh, Reynold, Callum, Reece, Tessa, Jess, Khanh, Hayden, Simon, Sarah T., Sarah C., Chris and Ben.

Emelia won with a flawless menu of classic dishes, while Laura went for native Australian ingredients. But she also burnt her hand which severely impacted her cook. Despite close first and second courses, Laura’s dessert let her down. As Runner-Up she won $30,000 with Reynold pocketing $20,000.

10’s Back to Win series has been a roaring success for the network, introducing new judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen (who all return for Junior MasterChef), guests Gordon Ramsay and Katy Perry and production coping with a contestant arrest and the stress of a pandemic.

But it has also proven to be comfort TV for audiences escaping from the real world with strong ratings as a result. Casting is already open for 2021.

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    • carolemorrissey

      Yes I was wondering what happened to that as well. They used to have 3 people & have 2 rounds & eliminate the 3rd person then the final 2 competed in the final round.

  1. Channel 10 needs to call in the Federal Police to investigate who leaked all the results weeks ago. This is a much more serious issue than investigating ABC or Newscorp journalists!

  2. Cathode Ray

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ,to me it’s a farce that a semi and finale have no blind taste test ,the judges should not know who is cooking what. Also the music is very irritating too loud and should be toned down but nothing will change.

  3. Aussiecam58

    Loved the series. Now lets see how POO performs. Doubt its going to be the success they are banking on but lve been wrong before. MC is quality and it shows. Well done…

  4. A deserving winner and a fabulous season. Kudos to a Ten for not only refusing to the previous judges demands but finding replacements who immediately made the audience forget their predecessors. I for one had never heard of Melissa but she brought so much to the table.

    Bringing back previous winners was also a master stroke.

    The only downside was the leaking of the winner and order of contestants being eliminated,

  5. This has been a ‘Masterclass’ in how to reboot an ageing franchise. Well done to all involved, And, well done to Emelia on her win.

  6. carolemorrissey

    Good on Emilia. Really happy for her. When all returning players came back I did not pick her as the winner. Had expected it would be Reynold, Poh or Callum. Felt really bad for poor Laura burning her hand. I assume the no family members being there was because of the pandemic. Such a shame as it’s always a highlight of the finale seeing their families cheering them on.

  7. Well done Emelia!! But also well done to the amazing production crew, awesome new judges and the whole cast, what a season! Thoroughly enjoyed every episode.

  8. TheMighty_SC

    Well deserved win for Emelia. Although I didnt watch this year’s Masterchef, it was great to see this show unveil new judges. Jock, Andy and Melissa did an exceptionally well with judging on the Masterchef. As well with this, the audience numbers have increased.

  9. David did MasterChef film 2 endings because it seemed to be common knowledge weeks ago that Emilia had won. Was there a leak do you know?

      • David, I know it’s been confirmed many times previously that Masterchef films two endings. But
        despite this, for the last several seasons, the winner has been consistently leaked with zero doubt weeks ahead of the finale. I noticed the same occurred this year for House Rules and Lego Masters, even Australian Survivor (with an almost live finale) had the winner and final vote tallies leaked before they filmed the last episode!

        I understand social media sleuthing to see who is still left on a show can help narrow it down (Seeing which Masterchef contestants were still in Melbourne lockdown, Survivor contestants posting from Australia while filming is still occurring) but how can the winners still get leaked with such accuracy despite all the NDAs and multiple endings? It’s obviously viewed as a problem by producers because they have to implement those things, but it’s clearly not…

        • Seems to be a case by case thing. Sometimes networks muck up, sometimes journos, sometimes contestants on social media, maybe crew betting or via a pap photographer. The Voice had multiple endings but no leaks because the winner was chosen during live vote. BB final should be the same (although it hasn’t had an ideal week).

          • Didn’t help having most of the previously eliminated contestants present, a few tounges wagged no doubt

            Additionally, I doubt a second ending if filmed could have had any authenticity after the raw emotion we saw. “Laura, you took more risks with your inndeigious ingredients tonight, and you are the series winner….” – yep, who would in the room would buy it, especially after eating both meals.

    • I doubt they filmed two endings. Once you filmed the judges saying the ice-cream was icy and the crumb gritty while Emilia’s dessert was technically perfect anyone on the crew that day would know Laura’s win was the fake ending.

  10. They obviously got off easy not have any pressure test dessert which is usual in a finale. Loved the season did not care who won though & was the only episode I didn’t watch

  11. Congratulations to Emilia! What a season… honestly. Masterchef was the perfect antidote to COVID lockdowns… I actually feel really down that it is now all over it gave me something to look forward to at the end of each work from home day (as sad as that sounds).
    Just absolutely stellar work from all involved…Jock, Andy and especially Melissa did such an incredible job stepping into the judges role, it was so incredibly seamless and was like they had been there for years but bought such a sense of freshness to the series.
    Masterchef 2020 felt rejuvenated to the point that it feels like it can last many more years, and after this year I hope it does!

  12. Masterchef: Back To Win has been an absolute delight and proves how powerful not only food can be but in the relationships they formed in the kitchen.

  13. Shame the betting sites spoiled this as Emelia was $1.15 even 5 weeks back!
    But a great season regardless, I will avoid looking at the sites in the future.

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