Kayo, Binge, Foxtel Now paid subscribers top 900,000

Combined paying customers for Foxtel-owned streaming services is 917,000.

Subscriber numbers for Kayo, Binge and Foxtel Now were revealed in last week’s News Corporation financials.

Chief executive Robert Thomson revealed that for the first time the combined number of ‘over the top’ subscriptions had passed 1m, of which 917,00 are paying.

As of June 30, 2020, there are 465,000 Kayo subscribers (419,000 paying), compared to 382,000 subscribers (331,000 paying) in the prior year. But as of August 4, there were approximately 590,000 (542,000 paying) Kayo subscribers.

Binge, which launched in May, had 217,000 (185,000 paying) subscribers as of August 4.

As of June 30, 2020, there were 336,000 Foxtel Now subscribers (313,000 paying), compared to 460,000 subscribers (446,000 paying) in the prior year, which was impacted by the final season of Game of Thrones.

Meanwhile on Saturday night some Kayo customers were having tech difficulties with their service.

A spokesperson said, “Due to a partner issue last night, a small number of customers had to log back into Kayo or restart their stream. The issue lasted just over two hours.”

Source: Mediaweek

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  1. New subscribers of Binge who have not used Foxtel before will get a reasonable deal with all their content but those who have been recent Foxtel subscribers will be seeing a fair amount of old and recycled product.
    In my opinion, whether Binge will evolve independently of Foxtel in the future will depend on how it chooses to compete with Stan and also its other future competition, Stan has been surviving all this time as the second subscriber choice with Netflix, so Binge will be wanting to do the same.
    How Stan will compete with this potential situation, if it develops, will be interesting.

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